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Maverick BBQ Thermometers

Tailgater Staff

Maverick has your tailgate or homegate BBQ cooking covered.  These will make great stocking stuffers for your griller guy or gal!  Include a Maverick Thermometer on your tailgating supplies checklist.

Maverick PT-55 Rain Drop Waterproof Digital Probe


* Waterproof to IP67 Standard

* Fast & Accurate Thermocouple Sensor

* Temperature Range – 4°F to 572°F

* Stores Maximum and Minimum Temperatures

* Holds Current Temp

* Back Light for Night Time Viewing

* Select Fahrenheit or Centigrade

* Calibratable

* Reset Back to Factory Settings

* Power Saving Auto-Off

* Low Battery Indicator

* 2 CR-2032 Button Batteries Included

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Maverick PT-60 Pocket Knife Thermometer + 3 Tools


* 3 Tools Plus Thermometer

* 2.5″ Long Stainless Steel Knife

* Stainless Steel Corkscrew

* Stainless Steel Bottle Opener

* 4″ Long Instant-Read Thermocouple Thermometer Stainless Steel Probe

* Temperature Range – 4°F to 572°F

* Reverse White LCD

* On/Off Button

* Celsius/Fahrenheit

* Hold Temp

* Auto-Off

* 2 AAA Batteries Included

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Maverick PT-75 2-in-1 Digital Instant-Read


* Super-fast and accurate Type K Thermocouple Technology with a 2 to 3 second response time

* Automatic 99 minute count up timer when probe is shut: Never wonder when was the last time you checked the temperature of your food.

* LCD display can rotate 180° for left hand or right hand viewing

* Reverse white LCD for night time viewing

* Choose °C or °F

* Temperature range- 40°F to 450°F

* AAA Batteries included

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