Underrated Tailgating Essentials All Men Need
Expert Advice

Though tailgating may look a bit different this time around, that doesn’t mean you still can’t pop open the trunk and enjoy the game—just in a socially distanced way. Grab some friends, set your cars up, and enjoy listening to the game from the radio or finding another location to watch it afterward. Whichever way you decide to go about it, you’re going to need to make sure that all the essentials are present.

We’re not talking about just the grill, the tongs, and, of course, the beer. Rather, we’re talking about all those underrated tailgating essentials all men need—from the hair ties to hold back quarantine grown-out locks to the yard games (other than bag toss). Need some ideas? We’ve got you covered; just take a look below!

Solid Hair Accessories

You’re probably a little baffled at how this is a tailgating essential for men, but hear us out. It’s going to start getting cold, which means you need to have hats to stay warm. Whether it’s a baseball cap, a beanie, or both, they’ll help you out, and they’re always good to have on hand.

Not to mention, a lot of guys are now experiencing grown-out hair due to COVID. Whether you haven’t had time for a haircut or like the way the long hair turned out, you’ll need some cool hair ties to back you up when the wind starts blowing. Get designs in your team’s colors and you’re sure to receive compliments all day long.

A Variety of Games

If you have some corn toss/bean bag toss lovers in the group, this is an obvious addition to your tailgate. However, if you want to spruce it up a bit, choose some new games to learn this football season. Since you’re likely not all squished into a parking lot, you can pull out the bigger games—Kan Jam, Kubb, even flag football. It’s time to get creative!

A Tough Travel Cup or Growler

Now’s not the time to drink a lukewarm or room temperature drink—either keep it steaming hot or ice cold. This is why you’ll need a travel cup or growler that can stand up to the test. Make sure they’re well-insulated and be sure to get one with a handle for easy holding-while-grilling as well as a lid that closes.

Different Hot Sauce Options

Maybe for a few tailgating sessions this year, you’re not in front of the grill. If that’s the case, make sure you don’t miss out on the flavor. Bring some different hot sauce options with you in the car for whatever ends up on the grill. It’ll do the trick for those sub-par burgers your friend made and spruce up any other meat around.

Back-up Spirit Wear

When you’re eating meat and other apps, drinking beer, and playing games, all of this activity is bound to result in some spills. Rather than looking sloppy for the rest of the day, bring some back-up spirit wear just in case. This is also a good idea since the weather is weird in October; you can go from hot to cold in a matter of hours, so make sure you’re ready for whatever the weather…or the day…throws at you.