How to Build an Outdoor Grill & Chill Place
Expert Advice

Image: Deposit Photos, oocoskun

Everyone loves a good backyard BBQ. If you like hosting people at your home but want to take the party outdoors, then having a grill and chill place is a must. Outdoor kitchens are super practical, but to create them, you must choose materials and appliances wisely. Here are some tips on how to build the perfect outdoor kitchen.

Big Picture

Deciding to build an outdoor kitchen was the easy part… now, welcome to the fun part! Choosing the right grill is vitally important and having proper storage in your outdoor kitchen is a must. You want to keep dishes and ingredients handy, and you need to find space for them. Installing storage space under the sink or grill is a great idea, but sometimes that might not work due to plumbing issues. You can consider building a separate kitchen island where you can store everything. Also, if you have a shed, you can simply use DIY spray foam insulation to protect the space and keep your supplies stored away safely.

What about refrigeration (which would go great with all that bar equipment you should pick)? Let’s think about other practical items such as an ice maker to go with the refrigeration. How about a kegerator or wine chiller? Maybe a patio heater for cooler days and fans for warmer days. Of course, you’ve got to have an outdoor TV. How else can you watch the big game?

The Essentials

All great kitchens begin with the essentials! First things first: choose your star performer, which of course, is the type of grill you desire. Aiming to flip memorably tender steaks? Consider the classic built-in gas grill. Prefer smoking meat over crackling charcoal? Can’t go wrong with a kamado grill or BBQ smoker. Bring Italian crunch into your space with a pizza oven; you’ll bake flawless pies every time! Or, how about a combination of any, or all these items if space allows?  Please note that your main attraction influences your safety needs. Still, ventilation is a great start — install an overhead vent hood and island vent panels and remember that every built-in grill needs an insulated jacket. They protect the grill and island from one another!

Think About Seating

Besides having a place to grill your food, you need comfy seating for your guests. There are a lot of ideas on this front, and it all depends on how much space you are working with. You can create park-style benches and tables for the family to sit down and enjoy. You can install benches, buy sturdier outdoor dining room tables and so much more. Just make sure that you provide enough seating and enough cushions and even some blankets for everyone to be cozy. And you can even add a fire pit in the middle to keep everyone warm in the evenings.

Create a Leafy Oasis

To provide even more comfort and a natural element, consider adding plenty of plants. You can easily arrange hanging flowerpots and beds around the outdoor kitchen to nicely blend indoor elements with the outdoors. Plant native plants, bring in leafy plants and any other species you like. This way, you will provide a natural shade, pure air, and an amazing oasis-like atmosphere.

Maintain Your Privacy

Everyone wants to enjoy the outdoor kitchen in peace. That’s why you should examine how visible your area is to the outside world. If it is too visible, you can consider horizontal wooden strutted fences which can nicely cover the seating area from the nosy neighbors. Plus, you can always paint it to match the style of the outdoor kitchen.

Having an outdoor kitchen is truly amazing. You can invite a lot of friends and cook for them outdoors, thus creating no mess inside the house. However, you must be careful when choosing appliances, storage, and furniture.