5 Great Tailgate Games

5 Great Tailgate Games

Looking for something to keep the friends and family entertained before the big game starts? From nostalgic classics to a few updated choices, check out our top picks for tailgate games to play with your crew on game day.

Giant Jenga

The bigger the better! Stack the blocks in sets of three until your tower is 18 blocks high, then use one hand to remove one block at a time. It’s no surprise that people love playing with wood. There’s a tactile element to this game, along with clever decision making. If your tailgate has a 21-and-over crowd, turn it into a drinking game – simply write down a rule on a few of the blocks (e.g.: truth or dare) and if you pull a block that has a rule on it, follow what it says. If your block breaks the tower, bottoms up!

Ring Toss

Hand-eye coordination is something that should continually be worked on, even as adults. This set has everything you need, including 10 plastic rings, 5 rope rings, 5 pegs, and a two-part standing base. The rings are easy to throw, and the base is designed to withstand the elements, so you can play this game again and again. It’s a quick and easy set-up and can be played almost anywhere.


KanJam is great for any time and any place. The game includes two cans with open tops and a larger slit on the front that’s slightly wider than a Frisbee. The cans themselves are about knee high when set up and are also able to fold flat into a circle, allowing them to be easily stowed away for transportation and/or storage. Take turns throwing and deflecting the flying disc across the yard or parking lot at the goal—first team to 21 points wins or slot the flying disc for an instant win!

Beer Pong Golf

Anyone can play, even if you’ve never picked up a golf club. The boards measure about 48″ x 24″ x 2″ and weigh approximately 10 lbs. The mats are made of high-quality artificial turf. Each board also has 10 holes that will fit any standard plastic cup including red solo cups, and even though they are constructed of high-strength iron and composite wood, they are still portable enough to be moved around with ease. Whether you’re an actual golf pro or newbie, this tailgate game will be fun for all that are involved.


If volleyball and foursquare had a baby, it would be spikeball. This easy-to-learn game will be all the rage at your tailgate. Spikeball expands on the sport of volleyball, wherein each team has three tries to get the ball into the net instead of over the net. Teams of two take turns spiking the ball at the net as hard (and strategically as possible) to prevent the opponent from getting it or spiking it back. It’s fast-paced and can quickly turn friends into enemies within minutes so play at your own risk!