5 Great Backyard Fire Pits

5 Great Backyard Fire Pits

Designing your outdoor space is often easier said than done. But with the addition of a fire pit, your ordinary patio can transform into a cozy oasis. With a multitude of styles, functions and fuel sources to choose from, the possibilities are endless. Think of your friends, your family, and the dog, crowded around the warm ambient heat of a live dancing flame, sharing stories, drinks and laughs all evening long. Stationary fire pits instantly become the focal point of any yard and elevate your outdoor entertaining game. We’ve sifted through the several and have compiled a list to make this process a breeze.

“Good Bargain”

KingSo 32” Square Wood Burning Fire Pit

The KingSo is an attractive fire pit that has a thick steel frame with a heat-resistant finish to withstand temperatures as hot as 930 degrees Fahrenheit. The sturdy build and square shape give it added stability, so you won’t need to worry about it tipping over on weak legs. Do not be discouraged by looking at the manual, it takes most people 40 minutes or less to assemble. The KingSo 32” sits pretty low (roughly 14 inches above the ground), and since heat rises, you’ll feel pretty toasty sitting around this pit. Remember that wood is generally a cheaper fuel source than gas, so combined with the reasonable price of the KingSo 32” it’s a pretty unbeatable value.


U-MAX 44in Propane Gas Fire Pit

A tasteful yet functional piece of furniture, the U-MAX fire pit doubles as a table when using the burner glass lid so you can serve appetizers when the fire is off. Lighting up is a cinch: simply turn the dial for the gas and push the igniter button to turn on the burner. Due to the glass wind barriers, it may feel as though you’re not getting as much heat, but rest assured this unit pushes out a powerful 50,000 BTUs. Your 20-lb propane tank is cleverly hidden away in the woven rattan base that conveniently slides out on a tray for easy access.

“Maximum Capacity”

Sunnydaze Cauldron Outdoor Fire Pit – 34 Inch

Deep, well-ventilated, and a gold star for easy assembly. The Sunnydaze Cauldron has a spacious 10-inch basin suitable for holding large logs. Constructed of thick stainless steel set in a beautiful dark bronze finish, this pit is giving us major Game of Thrones vibes.  Compared to a lot of other fire pits on the market, which have decorative open holes on the sides, this one does not. (Trust us, this is a good thing. Since the sides are not opened you don’t need to worry about ash falling onto your porch or deck.) All debris is contained inside for a quick clean up. And the spark guard is a must-have; as with most wood-burning pits, a few awry flames are expected.

“Unique Design”

Elementi Lunar Bowl Cast Concrete Fire Pit

The Elementi brings a refined touch to your patio area with this quality unit. The design alone would have had us sold, as its half-moon shape and glass-fiber reinforced concrete material make for a stylish fire pit; but the added bonus of having a clean burn and smokeless flame launched the Elementi Lunar Bowl in our top 5. It comes with everything you need to adapt it to your existing gas line, and you can expect a decent 10-hour burn on one standard 5-gal tank with a strong heat output of 45,000 BTUs. One last thing: it’s heavy. Weighting in at 220 pounds, consider grabbing a buddy to help move it to its desired spot.

“Compact Crowd Pleaser”

TIKI Brand 25” Stainless Steel Low-Smoke Fire Pit

TIKI products live by their wood fire redesigned motto: instant light, low smoke, and easy cleanup. With its (almost) patented internal airflow system, you’re getting a better fire and less ash. Essentially all the benefits of a wood log fire without the hassle. It burns on traditional firewood if you choose, but you can also use the included wood pack; one match will provide a full flame in under 5 minutes and develops a nice hot ember bed. Hundreds of other satisfied users were particularly pleased knowing that each wood pack gives you a solid half an hour burn. Hold onto your hats and prepare to be blown away by the impressive heat throw – this is not one of those pits you have to hover on top of just to feel warm.