Sports Betting In Canada: Pros and Cons

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Sports Betting In Canada: Pros and Cons

Some countries gamble more compared to others, but Canada definitely ranks in the top 5. This is a common hobby here and for a reason. For starters, Canadians spend a lot of time on the internet. They love gaming, streaming services, and playing casino games. There are a lot of foreign gambling operators available here, so they do have access to diverse content. Recently, access to legitimate operators has improved. The newly established iGaming Ontario commission has received a lot of applications from gambling sites that want to offer their content legally.

As a result, Canadians can play casino games and bet for real money on regulated sites that comply with local rules. They can even access no account casino sites which don’t require new users to undergo verification in order to start playing. They don’t even have to register to withdraw their casino winnings, which means they can gamble privately. So, let’s see what other advantages the users have when they gamble online.

Gambling in Different Provinces

It’s worth pointing out that gambling isn’t legal in all provinces in Canada. This means that if you want to wager real money or play casino games, you need to be in a certain province.  Gambling enthusiasts can play on any alberta casino platform, and try to score a big casino win. There are several regions where players can also enjoy casino games and sports betting:

  • Ontario
  • British Columbia,
  • Atlantic Provinces
  • Saskatchewan
  • Manitoba
  • Quebec

It’s important to note each province regulates this entertainment separately. So, those who get to enjoy the best content and sports betting options are players in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia.

Access Popular Sports Betting Markets – Pro

There are lots of popular sports here, and it’s one of the few markets where eSports are also booming. When it comes to betting though, the NHL is definitely dominating. Right now, Canadians are comparing the odds at different bookies to find the best deal for 2023 Stanley Cup winners. The odds are constantly changing of course, but right now Colorado Avalanche is the favorite pick. Toronto Maple Leafs and Tampa Bay Lightning are next in line.

Other popular sports among the bettors are the Canadian Football League, NBA, soccer, and lacrosse. As far as the popular types of wagers go, Canadians love to place single-event bets, point spread, and over-and-under bets.

Additionally, daily fantasy sports have a big fan base in the Great White North. This type of content didn’t really take off in Europe but in the US and Canada, it managed to generate a lot of hype.  For a long time, DFS wasn’t even categorized as gambling, which allowed it to grow without regulatory restraints.

Access to Reputable Operators – Pro

As stated at the beginning, one of the great advantages is the access to top-performing brands in the iGaming space. This isn’t only relevant for quality user experience. It also impacts user spending. With more operators, the market is more competitive. This leads to better user incentives or in this case promotions. Anyone who wants to be prudent can create multiple accounts across the available platforms and take advantage of these promotions. This would allow them to place way more bets which increases their odds of winning.

Some of the available operators even allow users to make deposits and withdrawals using cryptocurrency. Since crypto is legal in Canada, this is an amazing opportunity for crypto enthusiasts to utilize their funds. This is also safer; a gamer doesn’t need to leave his or her banking information on another website. Moreover, if they use the previously mentioned no-account websites, they can remain completely anonymous.

Big Difference in Quality – Con

Due to disparity in regulation, the gamblers of the Great White North have a different experience when betting. Some of the common casino features might not be available, which also means that certain casino tips or casino life hacks won’t apply. For instance, many punters look for arbitrage opportunities in order to get a guaranteed win.

Until recently, Canadians were only able to make parlay bets, and couldn’t take advantage of single-event betting. Luckily, a legislative effort to change this was a success. In August 2021 C-218 was passed, and the above-mentioned provinces added single-event bets. That being said, foreign bookies have lots of interesting options for bettors. For example, soccer fans love to bet on player transfers, and you don’t have that on Canadian sites.

Some Players Have to Use VPN – Con

Even those who live in provinces where gambling is illegal can still access the sportsbook websites if they use VPN. Nobody here has ever been persecuted for gambling online, so it’s relatively risk-free.  Unfortunately, this means they might not get to enjoy quick payouts, like users who actually live in provinces where the website is registered. Furthermore, transfer processing fees will be higher, and if these are international payments it won’t be a negligible amount.

Also, if Canadians want to get different odds or even other types of bets that are unavailable domestically, then they will have to rely on a VPN. This isn’t the ideal solution, especially since foreign operators won’t answer to local gaming commissions. To avoid a potential hazard, it’s advisable to steer clear of these solutions.


To sum up, Canadians have access to quality content that is regulated domestically. This makes it safe for them to place bets. Recently, they even got access to additional betting options, which is definitely an improvement. They also get to enjoy an array of promotions, and they have absolute privacy when they gamble.

The negatives mainly pertain to provinces where these perks aren’t available. This means that players have to rely on VPN. It’s not as safe, as convenient, and it’s more expensive. Luckily, there are lots of land-based sportsbooks and even casinos that are within driving distance.