2022 SEC Football Preview

Image: Library of Congress, loc.gov

2022 SEC Football Preview

The college football season is set to kickoff today, and it’s poised to be one of the more exciting seasons in recent memory. For starters, multiple teams have plans to flip conferences, and some old conference rivalries may be played for the last time. Players are on the move more than ever now, and these athletes know that with each play and each big game, they open doors for transfer opportunities and NIL deals. It should be fun, and we have you covered with our Power 5 conference overviews.  Here’s our 2022 SEC football preview.

If college football is a fast-moving car, the SEC has its foot firmly planted on the gas pedal. The other conferences seem to be sitting in the back, worried that the car may crash. After poaching Texas and Oklahoma from the Big 12 last offseason, conference realignment has turned the sport on its head with massive moves reportedly on the table over the next two years or so. The SEC is the power player in all of this and always have been. The best teams in college football live in the conference and there’s no reason to think that they could be gunning for other powers once TV deals expire, and schools have more freedom to look around. The SEC is the force blowing forward.

Last Year

The SEC Championship was still won by the Alabama Crimson Tide, but another team from the conference was the one holding the CFP National Championship Trophy at year’s end. The Georgia Bulldogs finally got over their hump and they did it by defeating none other than Nick Saban’s team to do it. Their defense was stacked, their roster was deep with NFL talent, and the Dogs had an unlikely QB lead them to the promised land.

Of course, Bama was still Bama, even if they did lose to Texas A&M. The Aggies travel to Tuscaloosa this season and it should be an interesting game after Saban accused A&M this offseason of “buying” its number one ranked recruiting class via NIL deals.

A couple of expected powers underperformed.  The University of Florida let head coach Dan Mullen go and Auburn, had such controversy around the program that there were university-led talks to remove head coach Bryan Harsin.  That didn’t end up happening but have no doubt there will be a short leash on him this season. 

This Year

Nick Saban scared the bejesus out of everyone by claiming that last year was simply a rebuilding year. Yes…seriously. The team that lost in the National Championship game was supposedly undergoing a rebuild. That doesn’t spell a whole lot of confidence for any other fan base in the country that was hoping to win the SEC.

Georgia lost a ton of talent to the draft and while they should have another stout defense, it’s a huge ask to be the same team they were last year. I am excited to see the emergence and growth of schools like Ole Miss and Arkansas who have been gradually improving year-after-year.


It’s Alabama or bust this year in the SEC with the Crimson Tide having a serious chance to win yet another National Championship under Nick Saban. They’ll go for their third-straight SEC title, and I have no doubt that they’ll get it.

Potential Heisman Candidate: Bryce Young – QB – Alabama