Pelican Coolers

Pelican Coolers

Tailgating Coolers

Score extra points with new colors and enough supplies to cater to the entire fan base.  Pelican coolers deliver extreme ice retention plus a strong lineup of options like a wire rack to keep your dogs from fumbling into the ice, padded seat cushions for home-team comfort and convenient tie downs to turn your pickup into an end-zone celebration. Season after season, Pelican Coolers tackle party prep like champions, thanks to stainless steel hardware, freezer-grade seals and a lifetime warranty.


Camping Coolers

Secure from critters, weather, and unwanted access – your Pelican Cooler is at home outside. Sealed tight and solidly constructed, it can keep ice (and your vital supplies) cold for an entire vacation while also doubling as an extra bench, nonslip stepstool, tabletop and durable cutting board.