4 Great Tailgate Party Games

4 Great Tailgate Party Games

Let’s go over the tailgating checklist: portable grill? Packed and ready. Cooler full of beer? Got it. Bluetooth speakers? Check.

Sometimes when we’re gearing up for the big game we forget about the little games: the tailgating activities. Sure, there’s plenty to do at the tailgate, like mingling, eating, drinking, dancing. But when there’s a lull in the day on the hot pavement of the parking lot, the best thing to do is break out a couple of games to take the party to the next level! Check out a few of these tailgate party games to bring out the kid in you, and everyone else.

Cornhole – Go Sports Cornhole Set

Nothing brings your group closer together and maximizes excitement than a couple rounds of cornhole. These regulation-sized cornhole boards are made with 100% wood that can be customized to your liking: paint over them, slap on a decal or two to represent your favorite teams, or even have your friends sign it when they come over to play.

You will be pleased with the construction and quality of this set, finding the wood to be strong, smooth and sturdy, and the beanbags are of optimal weight and dimensions. It also comes with a nice carrying case with a shoulder strap to hold the boards and the bean bags. Guaranteed fun for hours.

Beer Pong – GoPong 8 Foot Portable Beer Pong Table

Upgrade your pong tournament experience with this 8-ft beer pong table. It comes to about waist height for an average-sized adult, which is perfect for shooting. The table is surprisingly portable for being so lengthy; it folds 3 times into an approximate 3-foot square and can easily be stored away or thrown into a trunk.

The durable surface is built to withstand even the rowdiest of players – just be sure to wipe up any spills promptly as to not ruin the laminate. The surface also has a printed triangle area on each side of the table for the cup pyramid and a large circle for where the cup should be placed. In addition, it comes with 6 playing balls, and a holder to store them on the underside of the table. The only downside is it doesn’t come with the beer!

Ladder Toss – Japer Bees Ladder Toss Pro Series

Ladder toss is an easy-to-learn game that engages both players and spectators. This is a great ladder ball set from Japer Bees, and it only takes a few minutes to set up. The balls are solid, like real golf ball bolas, but much safer if kids are playing, and they will hold up in the wind during the game.

The frame is made from reinforced heavy-duty PVC pipes and corners, providing ultimate strength and stability on the parking lot’s concrete. Assemble in minutes, while the structure is pretty self-intuitive, you have a handy manual to help if you get stuck.

Connect Four – Giant Connect Four

Your childhood, reimagined. You’ll be surprised at how many adults really get into the game of connect four.  It’s not about luck here, it’s strategy. Just as the coaches will map out the best play for the big game you’re about to watch, you too can plan your moves on this giant wooden board, stretching 31” x 23”. It’s large enough, but not too big that you can’t pick it up and move it around; thankfully, the game only weighs about 13 pounds. The wood finish and natural stain on the frame and body give this game a nice, sophisticated look.