Patio Heater for Your Backyard

Patio Heater for Your Backyard

Just because summer has come to an end doesn’t mean your outdoor get-togethers have to do so as well! The best way to create a cozy backyard space during chilly fall nights is with an outdoor patio heater. Here are five great ones to consider.


Infratech WD-Series 61

Did you know that electric heaters are more energy efficient than gas heaters? An infrared heater such as the Infratech WD-Series 61 uses radiant heat to warm people and objects—not the air. The unit is powered by 6000 watts capable of warming an area approximately 11 X 11 feet. Users have a variety of mounting options to choose from, as it can be installed to a pole, wall, or ceiling. This stainless-steel heater boasts incredible performance and durability; and for the eco-friendly appliance buffs, these heaters are made from recyclable materials and give off zero greenhouse emissions, odors, or ultraviolet light.


Bromic Tungsten Freestanding Portable Heater 

Unlike the elements on dome or mushroom-style portable patio heaters, the 38,500 BTU infrared directional standing Bromic Tungsten heating element does not suffer from vertical heat loss. Safety first! Thanks to its flame failure and tilt safety technology, the Bromic Heating patio heater always ensures risk-free operation. The high-performance mesh screen has wind resistance technology that lets the heater work in winds with gusts of up to 8 mph while remaining lit. If the flame is blown out for some reason, the built-in regulator automatically disables the supply of gas.


Cuisinart Propane Patio Heater

Once you have one, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t thought of this sooner! The Cuisinart Patio Heater dons durable stainless steel and features an easy push to start ignition with an adjustable heat control system. Fellow users say this heater is super simple to set up and puts out strong heat (47,000 BTUs to be exact), ideal for staying toasty while outside with friends on chilly autumn days. The heater can operate for up to 9 hours continuously on high so no need to worry about it conking out on you.


Sunpak TSR Natural Gas Heater

Sunpak heaters are a great asset to any deck or patio area, mounting easily to the ceiling or wall at any angle between 0 and 30 degrees with the included mounting kit and seamlessly integrating into any outdoor decor. The heater has an electronic ignition with automatic relight and flame sensor feature for a reliable start every time. It can be set on low (25,000 BTUs) or on high (34,000 BTUs) using the included two-position wireless wall switch or the nifty handheld remote.


Hiland Pyramid Patio Heater

At 89-inches tall and featuring a two-piece Quartz Glass Tube, the Hiland Pyramid Propane heater makes a perfect complement to any patio setting. The 40,000 BTU output will keep everyone warm and cozy on those chilly evenings while also providing an elegant fixture for your outdoor living space. Once you assemble a propane tank, it is conveniently accessible from an easy access door which is a breeze to switch out when the tank is empty. With its durable wheeled base, you can move this unit to any spot on your deck or patio to suit the seating situation. No matter where you position it, the Hiland will be the center of attention when its visually mesmerizing flames dance within the glass pyramid.