Top 5 Portable Fire Pits

Top 5 Portable Fire Pits

As the weather settles into cooler temperatures this month, there’s no better time for outdoor entertaining than right now. Especially with the pandemic on a rampage that doesn’t seem to be letting up anytime soon, the best (and safest) place to be is outside. Whether you watch the game with a few neighbors for an at-home tailgate or go camping with the kids for the weekend, a portable fire pit is a must-have this season.

TIP: Make sure your fire pit is placed a safe distance away from your house and where there are no overhanging branches or other obstructions that could catch fire.

Tailgater II: All-Around Amusement

Fire box meets Bluetooth sound system in the UKIAH Tailgater II. If you’re looking to impress your buddies the next time you host poker night on the patio, you should get your hands on this. Not only does the water-resistant Tailgater II have a unique cubic design, but it’s Beat to Music mode synchronizes the flame to your tunes! Take it anywhere you want to amplify the ambience. Never sacrifice sound, as the bass-enhancing subwoofer ensures top quality audio. The built-in hand slots on the sides epitomize the idea of grab-n-go. And as you can imagine, a high-tech fire pit such as this has an electric ignition, flame control dial and quick-connect adapter to hook up your propane tank.

Renegade: Your Favorite Travel Companion

Right off the bat, the Outdoor Great Room Renegade  Gas Fire Pit harks the three Cs: clean, compact and convenient. Its sturdy body can hold up in just about any environment, and just as easily disassembles and fits in a carrying case that will fit in your trunk. The black coated diamond-grade steel and clear fire glass gems give the Renegade a modernized look, but without the stress of complicated instructions— the renegade has easy assembly written all over it. If you choose to attach the legs (because of course, you have the option to go without them), your 20-gallon fuel source fits neatly underneath. Added bonus: its thick outer ridge doubles as a tabletop spot to hold your drink!

Roman: Standard yet Surprising

If you prefer a more traditional fire pit for your s’more’s needs, Fire Sense’s Roman  might be up your alley. The wide 35 in. round fire pit offers a 360-degree fire view so you can catch sight of mesmerizing flames from any vantage point. The Roman’s antique brushed bronze color gives off rustic farmhouse vibes, complementary accent to any patio. And despite its look of heavy armor, this big boy only weighs 17 lbs.! It is wood-fueled so this is a great choice if you live near a wooded area and have access to lots of branches. As your safety is top priority, this fire pit includes a mesh screen to prevent embers from sparking and popping onto you and your family.

Primus Kamoto: X Marks the Spot

This Swiss-designed  concave contraption allows for no-trace campfires, pulling everything inward and downward. Featuring an air inlet and windshield sides, this X-shape fire pit pulls in everything it needs (oxygen) and prevents everything you don’t want (fire) from going all over the place. The integrated ashtray lets any wood or charcoal debris fall into the compartment, protecting the ground from stray embers. And if you’re feeling like a burger, you’re in luck; a stainless steel grate for grilling is included too. With its collapsible capabilities, break down is a breeze and the Primus Kamoto can be folded and stored away, taking up less space than a stack of newspapers.

Aurora: Instant Timesaver

The crockpot-resembling firebowl pumps out over 50-thousand BTUs which will quickly warm up your surrounding area in minutes. Simply hook it up to a small propane tank and turn the ignition dial to adjust your flame. Ditch the firewood, as this tiny but mighty guy comes with pumice stones that glow red like coal when heated. Need to move locations? No problem! Unlike other fire pits, which can be very heavy, the Aurora is lightweight, and the locking lid has a carry handle on top for easy transport. Did we mention no assembly required?! No extra tools. No extra stress. The Aurora is ideal for those who don’t like to waste any time getting started.

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