GCI Outdoor Stadium Chairs

GCI Outdoor Stadium Chairs

Stay comfortable from opening pitch until the teams shake hands with GCI Outdoor stadium chairs. From an easy-to-pack Comfort Cushion to comfortable stadium seats with features including armrests, secure bench attachments, lumbar support and a pouch for your personal items, our stadium chairs let you enjoy the game in comfort and style. You might not even need that seventh inning stretch!

Big Comfort Stadium Chair

Will be your favorite game time accessory! With an ergonomic design and adjustable backrest, you’ll be comfortable the entire game – overtime or extra innings included! Quickly and easily secure the Big Comfort Stadium Chair to a bench by rotating the “L” hook beneath the seat. Transporting is easy with the seat’s lightweight aluminum frame and attached shoulder strap utilizing Auto-Fold Technology – making it easy to open, close and carry.

Big Comfort Stadium Chair with Armrests

Makes the longest of games bearable with its armrests and ergonomically designed seat and backrest. Quickly and easily secure the Big Comfort Stadium Chair with Armrests to a bench by rotating the “L” hook beneath the seat. The sturdy, yet lightweight aluminum frame is easy to carry, no matter how far away you have to park!

BleacherBack Lumbar™

Fastens to stadium benches with the click of a buckle. Sit comfortably and supported with an extra panel of cushion in the backrest. Keep your personal items close with the multi-purpose pouch that hangs from the front of the seat – holds your beverage, keys, phone and more! Time to pack up? The shoulder strap with Auto-Fold™ Technology makes the seat as easy to close and carry as it is to open.


Finally, a stadium seat you can get comfortable in! Single buckle attachment strap fastens to stadium bench with just one click. Includes a mesh storage pocket for your small necessities. When it’s time to go, just pull up on the carry strap to fold up the seat.