EZ Flame BBQ EZStart® Charcoal Chimney

EZ Flame BBQ EZStart® Charcoal Chimney

Attention Tailgaters!

Eliminate newspaper ashes from blowing around, the smell of lighter fluid and the pouring of hot coals with the new EZ Start® Charcoal  Chimney! A perfect solution for stadiums which ban lighter fluid and campsites where newspaper ashes could start a wildfire.

Place the EcoStart® Disk into the bottom of the EZStart® Charcoal Chimney.  LOAD the charcoal.  LIGHT the EcoStart® Disk, wait 12-15 minutes for the charcoal to light. Then LIFT the chimney and the hot coals to slide out into a uniform pile!

The EZ Start® Charcoal Starter System will be the hit of your backyard BBQ or tailgate party!