Christmas Gifts for Him Under $100

Image: Deposit Photos, stetsik

Christmas Gifts for Him Under $100

Holiday shopping might as well be a second job, especially if you are trying to stick to a budget.  However, don’t worry – when it comes to the best gifts for husbands, dads, uncles, or even picky brothers, we’ve already scoured the internet for ideas that he’s sure to love.  Not to mention that your wallet will thank you! Here are five great 2023 Christmas gifts for him under $100.

Master Hot Sauce Collection Sampler Set

Know someone who loves their food fiery or smoky? Take their taste buds on a tour of the Scoville scale from mild to extreme! Thoughtfully Gourmet has curated a set of 30 uniquely flavored hot sauces with varying heat levels to elevate the many meals to come. With a bold array of fantastic tastes and fiery flavors, from a unique twist on recipes like Mango Habanero to popular flavors like Bacon Jalapeno and Apple Whiskey, these high-quality fire-starters pair great with everything from ribs and wings to sautéed vegetables, tacos, chili, and homemade dips.

50L Travel Duffel Bag

Whether he’s going to the gym, traveling for a weekend getaway, or just needs a bag for everyday activities, this duffel will be the ones he grabs every time. It’s constructed of thick canvas, high-quality leather, sturdy hardware, and a padded handle for comfortable carrying. The duffel’s design features a main compartment with two large, zippered pockets which can be used to expand space— and speaking of space, it is large enough to store 5-7 days’ worth of necessities. (i.e.: a 17″ laptop, iPad, shoes, clothes, toiletries, etc.)  The buffer feet base at the bottom makes the bag resistant to dirt and wear.

All-in-One Trimmer

Help him keep his mane tamed with ConairMan’s Ultimate Precision All-in-One Trimmer. One might not think that a guy needs (or would even use) 18 pieces for his grooming routine, but he will be glad that he can now. Granted, there are many trimmers on the market, and he’s likely tried a few of them by now, but this is a clear favorite because of the shaving foil for outer edge trimming. This foil is around 1” compared to Braun’s, for example, which is 1/2”. It’s so much easier to clean up all the edges of a mustache and beard/goatee. The trimmer itself has the perfect weight that makes it comfortable to hold and use. For haircuts, beard touch ups, ear and nose trimmings, even manscaping, it’s a no-brainer that this kit has it covered.

Watch Display Case

His style will be on full display with this premium wooden watch box. He can rotate his watch collection on display on the four watch display pillars, with an additional large drawer to house other everyday carry items. Timepieces are becoming more of a statement of style these days (versus a functional need with the convenience of phones to tell us what time it is), and the storage for them should be just as sophisticated. This watch case features an innovative acrylic cover— its craftsmanship elevates any collection, making even the twenty-five-dollar watches look like they would be worn by Elon Musk himself!

Beer Soap, 6-Pack

Beer soap is a perfect gift for just about anyone who has ever enjoyed an ice-cold beer after a long day—but it’s also great for people who simply enjoy great scents and artisanal soaps! The soaps are made with ingredients like orange peel, crushed oats, and real hops to give it an authentic smell. The scents are derived from the beer itself and range from spicy to roasty, fruity and sweet, or fresh depending on the variety of soap. Since beer is rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids, it is an excellent treatment for the skin too.