5 BBQ Gifts From $75-$100

5 BBQ Gifts From $75-$100

This Christmas, why not give the backyard BBQ pitmaster in your life a gift that they will actually use and enjoy throughout the year? Here are five practical gifts from $75-$100 that are guaranteed to bring a smile to the grill guru in your life.

Wagyu vs Bison vs Steakhouse Blend Burger Battle Box

Why not explore some variety at your next backyard BBQ gathering? With this Burger Battle Box, you can experience the marbling of wagyu, sweet & savory bison, or juicy steakhouse burgers. Invite friends and family over and have them pick their favorite. These 1/2-pound patties are pre-formed and ready for grilling at your next cookout. Each burger is individually packaged, so you can go as big or small as you want. Includes: four (8 oz) Wagyu Burgers, four (8oz) Bison Burgers, and four (8 oz) Steakhouse Blend Burgers (Chuck/Brisket/Short Rib)

Rib Rotisserie Rotating BBQ Grill Trays

The BBQ Guys Signature Rib Rotisserie is the perfect addition to your grill accessory collection. The unique tray allows you to cook any kind of food rotisserie style, including ribs, seafood, steaks, burgers, hot dogs, and more. This accessory will fit most grills on the market, with 5/16, 5/8, and 3/4 rods. The amount of exact clearance may vary, but the lowest point of the tray measures 4.16 inches from the center of the rod. On some grills, you may need to remove the heat shield covering the burners. Unlike the rib-o-later, there is a stabilizing support rod that fits over the rotisserie spit rod, which prevents the rotisserie forks from twisting and dropping the trays.

Meater Extended Range Wireless Bluetooth Thermometer

Meater introduced the first wireless smart meat thermometer, and now the extended range offers you even more freedom from your grill or kitchen. The thermometer uses the same innovative technology as the original, but with a Bluetooth Repeater that extends its range up to 165 ft for an incredible level of convenience. It features two sensors in one probe: one to measure the internal temperature of your meat, and the other to measure the ambient temperature of your grill or cooker. The water-resistant probe is made with stainless steel and heat resistant ceramic, and is able to measure an internal food temperature up to 212 F and a maximum ambient temperature of 527 F.  It is rechargeable and can provide up to 24 hours of use on a single charge.

Smoker Kit

The Dickey Smoker Kit includes everything you need to infuse foods with delicious cold smoked flavor on any grill in as little as 30 minutes! The Dickey Smoker features a patented design made with marine grade 316 stainless steel and is durable enough to withstand temperatures up to 1560 degrees Fahrenheit. The unique design of the Dickey Smoker allows for use standing vertically, or by laying it on its side, allowing for use on a variety of grills. The included Dickey Torch and 3-pack of 100% natural FireBug fire starters make quick work of prepping for a good cold smoke.

Handle the Heat Gift Pack

This five-piece gift pack from BBQ Guys offers an infrared surface thermometer, silicone grip grilling gloves, pineapple ancho rub, habanero honeybee rub, & a jalapeno roaster. The jalapeno roaster is the perfect grill rack for bacon wrapped or cream cheese stuffed jalapenos. The contact-free thermometer features a laser pointer with pinpoint accuracy giving you precise grill surfaces temperatures. The silicone grip grilling gloves will provide superior protection while grilling up your favorite meals. The tangy BBQ Guys Pineapple Ancho Rub has a dash of heat from dried poblanos.  Honeybee blends honey granules and habanero chili peppers that will certainly leave taste buds pleased and guests buzzing about its awesome flavor.