5 BBQ Gifts From $50-$75

BBQ Gifts between $50-$75

5 BBQ Gifts From $50-$75

This Christmas, why not give the backyard BBQ pitmaster in your life a gift that they will actually use and enjoy throughout the year? Here are five practical gifts from $50-$75 that are guaranteed to bring a smile to the grill guru in your life.

BBQGuys Signature 120V Ash Vacuum 

Make cleanup easy with the BBQGuys Signature Ash Vacuum. This 120v ash vacuum is perfect for removing the ash from your charcoal grill, kamado grill, pellet grill, or wood-burning oven. The vacuum features a 1 meter flexible hose for easily getting into tight nooks and crannies. The power cable is 2 1/5 meters long, so you have plenty slack to move the vacuum as needed. When not in use, the power cable can be wrapped around the handle, and the hose can be docked on either of 2 ports on the lid. The lid stays securely in place by 2 locking hinges. Opening the lid reveals a filter to protect the integrated fans and motor from debris.

Napoleon PRO Bamboo Cutting Board with Stainless Steel Bowls

Make mealtime a joy with Napoleon Grill Accessories. This Napoleon bamboo cutting board includes two stainless steel bowls. Bamboo is durable and anti-bacterial, making it perfect for prepping food for the grill. The two stainless steel bowls hide away conveniently inside the cutting board. The smart design also includes a trough which captures juices and directs them into bowls through the handles.

Weber 7202 iGrill Mini Smart LED Wireless Bluetooth Grill Thermometer 

The  iGrill mini grilling thermometer is a pocket-sized smart thermometer powered by a free iOS and Android app and a wireless Bluetooth Smart connection. This grilling thermometer includes one food probe that can withstand temperatures up to 620 degrees Fahrenheit and magnetic mounting so you can place it just about anywhere. The Smart LED allows you to take a quick glance at temperature progression, going through an array of colors from green to red based on the doneness of your food. With the 150-foot range of the Bluetooth connection, you can keep a close eye on your food while you are inside visiting with guests, watching the game or preparing a side dish.

Napoleon PRO 2-Piece Pizza Stone With BBQ Skewers Rack

Cook delicious pizzas and breads on your Napoleon grill with this pizza stone. Made from porous ceramic, the pizza stone pulls moisture away from the pizza crust for a light, crispy crust every time. The 14-inch stainless steel skewers allow you to grill up delicious kabobs for appetizers or pizza toppings. Includes 12-inch ceramic pizza stone that bakes evenly for perfect pizza crusts and is also excellent for baking breads and cookies.

Looftlighter Charcoal Electric Lighter & Firestarter

The Looftlighter is the perfect replacement for lighter fluid. It will ignite fires in a matter of seconds. When barbecuing, you can even use it to speed up the heating process of your coals so that your BBQ is ready for cooking in just a few minutes. The patented hot airstream process eliminates the chemical taste that infuses food on BBQs using lighter fluid and gas. It does not throw flames, but instead blows a hot airstream at 1256 degrees Fahrenheit. It is fully equipped with a safety casing that cools to the touch within a few seconds after use. To use, simply plug it into a wall socket, and touch the nose of the lighter to your wood or coals.