A Heavenly Holder – The Bacon Weave
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Courtesy of Nick Chipman of DudeFoods.com

A Heavenly Holder – The Bacon Weave

"Master this foundation of bacon creations. Then form it into any variety of holders from which to enjoy all sorts of edibles cradled in the crunchy, savory food of the gods we call bacon!"

Bacon Taco Shell

Weave a square of bacon about 7 strips by 10 strips. Put weave in oven at 400° for about 15 minutes so it’s sticking together but pliable. Take out and place medium bowl upside down over it. Cut around bowl edge so you’re left with a circle of bacon weave.

To get it into the taco shell shape, hang it over a couple of kabob sticks lying side-by-side and balanced across pint glasses sitting on a baking sheet. Beer bottles were originally used but were swapped for glasses to avoid putting labels in the oven. Slide whole thing into oven for another 10 minutes to finish cooking. When cool enough to handle, fill to brim with seasoned ground beef, sour cream, lettuce, tomato, and shredded cheese. Or fill with scrambled eggs, sausage, and cheese for a perfect one-handed breakfast.

Bacon Cups 

Turn a muffin pan over and line with foil. Make mini bacon weaves large enough to lay tightly over each individual muffin mound. That forms the cups. Cook in 400° oven for about 15 minutes or until desired crispness is attained. Let cool, then remove bacon cups from pan.

Bacon Bowl 

For a single large bowl made of bacon, follow the Cups directions but use an upturned bowl (oven-proof) of the size you desire. Remember that the bacon will shrink, so your bowl will end up shorter than your “mold”.