What to Make with Leftover Turkey
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What to Make with Leftover Turkey

One of the best things about Thanksgiving is that the meal doesn’t end in just one day. In fact, some would even argue that leftovers are just as good (maybe even better?) than the big dinner itself! If you’re wondering what to do with that fridge packed with food, don’t fret.  Here are some unique and delicious ideas on what to make with leftover turkey – and all the fixings – and they go beyond the boring ole turkey sandwich!

Thanksgiving Pizza

Did someone say pizza? (We did, but there’s no delivery needed here!) A homemade pizza that uses your chopped up turkey and the rest of the mashed potatoes will hit the spot after the holiday. Leftover meals should be centered around convenience, so use a store-bought crust to make things easier. Enlist the kids to help out by having them layer on a multitude of extra toppings like bacon, onions, and various kinds of cheese. Pop it in your countertop pizza oven for about 10 minutes to achieve that perfect crispy crust.

Turkey Orzo Soup

Wholesome. Hearty. Filling. And don’t forget flavorful! This creamy soup goes a step beyond the traditional turkey soup. The one pot meal is made with leftover turkey, orzo pasta, vegetables, and spinach—essentially putting comfort in a bowl. While you can certainly use a medium-sized cooking pot, a high-pressure cooker will make things much more efficient. Its shortcut buttons will come in handy: the “sauté” function will let you quickly sauté the spinach and onions, while the “soup” function will heat your soup to 230 degrees, so it doesn’t burn.

Cornbread Breakfast Bake

If you’re hosting a hoard of family members over the holiday, it’s one thing to get through the main dinner on Thursday—it’s another thing to come up with something quick, easy, and tasty for the next morning. Fear not, because breakfast casseroles are a huge crowd pleaser. Add sausage, cooked bacon, or ham. (Or you can use all three different meats for a meat-lovers version!) For something healthier, include chopped spinach, asparagus or chopped kale.

Everything Leftovers Ring

This is an ideal snack while watching a weekend game on TV or continued online holiday shopping, where everyone can grab a slice. Each mouthful encompasses all the great flavors from Thanksgiving – savory, sweet, and maybe a hint of spice. You’ll need refrigerated crescent rolls to form the base; position each roll into a circle, then dollop in mashed potatoes, stuffing, turkey, and cranberry sauce. Fold the top of the crescent roll over top so that it resembles a “ring” and top with melted butter. After it is baked golden brown, serve with a small bowl of gravy in the center for dipping!

Mushroom Turkey Risotto

Time to ramp up your risotto skills (and clear out a few items in your fridge while doing it). Use this recipe as a chance to impress guests one last time before they head back to their respective homes, as risotto is typically seen as a classier, elevated meal, lending itself to the versatility of its many ingredients. Turkey is a great source of lean protein and perfectly complements the mushroom and creamy and cheesy flavors in this next-day risotto. For this one, you need to have the time to look after this pot while it’s cooking, but don’t let that put you off – it’s well worth all that stirring! Now you have some great ideas on what to do with leftover turkey.