Poolside Essentials for Summer Fun

Poolside Essentials for Summer Fun

Whether you’re planning a relaxing day lounging by the pool or an energetic afternoon of swimming and games, having the right poolside essentials can make all the difference. From sun protection and comfortable seating to refreshments and entertaining diversions, the ideal poolside setup requires a carefully curated collection of items.

Comfortable Seating:

Portable Outdoor Chair

Sometimes we want to be near the action, not necessarily in it. The adult flip seat has a unique lip that securely hooks to pool edges, giving stability without slipping. Its ergonomic design was constructed for top-tier back and lumbar support so you can lean back, relax, and enjoy the water! The chair is lightweight and easy to transport with its carry handle when folded, but also durable and chlorine resistant.

Fun & Games:

Inflatable Beer Pong

Upgrade your pool party with this 6-foot floating beer pong table. The GoPong Pool Lounge has holders for game setup, but also eight additional cup holders along the edge of the float so that players and onlookers can grab a drink as they cheer on their favorite duo. (Have the Pool Lounge all to yourself? Jump on, kick back and get your tan on!) The table inflates and deflates up to 4x faster than normal valves and can be inflated with an air pump, or by mouth.

Practical Drying:

Patio Towel Holder

Nobody likes to see mounds of soaked towels huddled on top of chairs and tables—they’ll never dry! Instead, enjoy an easy, accessible place to store your pool towels. With three 24-inch towel bars that easily adjust from side to side, you get optimal towel real estate. There are clips to secure the towels in place on each rung, located at the edge of each arm on the rack. While the unit is sturdy, be sure to evenly place the towels for best balance. You can also weigh down the base with water or sand for additional stability.

Phone Protection:

Waterproof Phone Case

Everyone’s worst nightmare: your perfect cannonball lands a best-in-class splash, and seconds after you emerge above the water’s surface you realize your phone is in your pocket. Next time you’ll drop it in your waterproof case. With its excellent IPX8 waterproof seal, your electronics will be protected up to 30 meters of depth. It also features four-sided double airbags for stronger buoyancy, preventing your phone from sinking into the water. But not only is this for use when you’re going swimming, but even just relaxing poolside—if you’re in the splash zone, no devices are safe! You can still use your phone through the pouch, it’s touch sensitive and can still read face recognition, answer phone calls and has use of the camera too.

Extra Storage:

Poolside Storage Basket

A banana, your sunshades, an extra pair of arm floaties. What do each of these things have in common? They are stranded on the table far away from the pool. Bummer. Keep everything within reach by easily installing a storage basket to your above ground pool. It perfectly fits pools with a pipe outer diameter of 3 inches or less. With two sizable baskets (11 x 8 x 4 inch) and two cup holder attachments offering convenience and organization, you’ll never need to get out of the pool…except for bathroom breaks of course.