The Best White Wines to Sip This Spring and Summer
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The Best White Wines to Sip This Spring and Summer

Planning some backyard get-togethers this season? From Memorial Day to some simple sunny Sundays, the warm weather is the perfect time to gather friends and open some bottles. A lot of your favorite summer party dishes (seafood, grilled meat, etc.) are best paired with white wines. Below, we’ll loop you in on some of the best white wines to sip this spring and summer. Some might surprise you!

Chenin Blanc

Looking for the new versatile wine choice this summer? Move over Chardonnay! Say see ya (for now) to Riesling! Chenin Blanc adapts to all the tastes in your friend group. You can find dry ones for your wine cocktails, sparklers for celebrations, and even some bottles that’ll make you think you’re sipping on a Chardonnay!

Food Pairing: Think Asian cuisine, pork chops, salmon, and corn on the cob!



Trying to find a white wine that’ll work for your friends that dig reds more? This is the one! Made from sauvignon blanc grapes in the Loire Valley of France, this wine is a more herb-forward, savory version of Sauv. Blanc. Some bottles will lean more into juicy citrus and smokiness, which is what will satisfy your red wine craving friends.

Food Pairing: Grilled trout, salmon, or bass; spicy Cajun foods; all the veggies!



Ah, one of our favorite white wines to sip on this spring and summer is the refreshing Albariño. With high acidity, this is one of the best choices for when you and your friends are out in the sun all day. It’s a coastal white, and so may very often get that “salty” profile, which makes it an excellent choice for whitefish and meats.

Food Pairing: Craving fish tacos? It’s the perfect pairing!



The German wine of your dreams, Gewürztraminer is a white wine you need to try pronto. If you and your friends are typically sweet white and Moscato drinkers, then this is a good shift. It has many similarities, but it’s higher in alcohol, stronger in aroma, and lower in acidity! It’s a perfect choice for any of your warm-season drink days.

Food Pairing: Any sort of Asian food, cheese, fish, shellfish, and crustaceans!


Sauvignon Blanc

And of course, one of the most popular white wine grapes that is a warm-weather favorite—Sauvignon Blanc. It’s consistently one of the best choices for spring and summer. Partly due to its versatility but also because it’s incredibly refreshing, and the perfect partner for your go-to dishes.

Food Pairing: Fried chicken, grilled seafood, green vegetables, and so much more!