What is the Best Dining Room Table Shape for Your Home?
Expert Advice

If you can’t be at the game, nothing is more fun than hosting a gameday homegate party with friends and family. However, with so many dining room tables to choose from, what is the best dining room table shape for your home?

Dining rooms remain a popular spot for hosting gameday parties because they can fit a ton of food and seat several guests. If you’re not sure your table is up for it, that’s OK. Learn what the best dining room table shape for your home is so that you can buy the right furniture for your next homegate party.

Rectangular Table

Rectangular tables offer the most seating options, so if you plan on frequently hosting lots of people, then this table shape might be best for you and your space. Many rectangular tables also have leaves or similar removable pieces, allowing you to set up a smaller table for smaller gatherings. If your room is already rectangular and you need something big or adjustable, then a rectangular table is for you.

Oval Table

The other table option you should consider in a rectangular room is an oval table. While you can’t fit quite as many people around this table shape, it still offers lots of room for your gameday spread. The slightly smaller size accommodates large, rambunctious parties as well as smaller, more intimate gatherings. If you’re a versatile host, then an oval table might be for you.

Circular Table

Consider a circular table if your homegates are smaller affairs and you have a square dining room. Circular tables create an intimate space since they’re small and round, leaving no one alone at the ends of the table. While you can find larger round tables that will still accommodate plenty of guests, circular tables suit gatherings where people want to sit down and talk. If your guests like to chat during halftime, then a circular table is a fantastic choice.

Square Table

Choosing the perfect dining set is difficult, but taking time to consider the shape of the table and room will help make the decision easier. If you have a small, square-shaped dining room, then a square table is an easy choice. While these tables only suit four people, they’re perfect for setting up a dining room buffet on game day and eating with the family throughout the week. Square tables are also easy to slide together—if you ever need extra dining space, you can push two together to make a temporary gathering spot.

With so many dining room tables to choose from, the best dining room table for your home depends on the shape of your room and the number of guests you host. Rectangles, ovals, circles, and squares are the most popular dining table shapes for parties and can all serve as the perfect spot for your homegating gathering.