Ways To Keep Pests Out Of Your Backyard
Expert Advice

One of life’s simple pleasures is taking the time to set up your backyard patio or pool area as a haven after a stressful day and to entertain guests. However, when uninvited bugs and wildlife make their way into the picture, it can be hard to feel comfortable. During the summer season, especially, it may be hard to fathom relief from the peskiest critters. Here are a few ways to keep the pests out of your yard for your next backyard BBQ or pool party.

Maintain Cleanliness

When you’re entertaining in your patio area, dropped crumbs and spills are inevitable. Even the smallest morsel of food can attract insects, so sweep up and hose down areas where food particles may collect.

Lighting Options

Insects gravitate toward white light, so consider finding lighting for your backyard oasis with yellow or orange bulbs. The glow will be less likely to attract bugs, and it will contribute to the aesthetics of the area with a little mood lighting. This way, the party can go on all night with minimal swarming near the patio and yard lighting.

Natural Deterrents

When you or your guests are letting loose in the yard, you want to be able to ward away uninvited pests while not risking your guests’ health and comfort. Harsh chemical sprays can be smelly and even toxic around foods in your backyard space. However, many herbs, products, and substances can deter pests from your yard without damaging it. Citronella candles and torches are useful, but so are lavender and eucalyptus essential oils mixed with water, which will leave a pleasant aroma. Mint mouthwash and hydrogen peroxide are other unconventional options. An array of herbs and flowers you can grow in your garden will also help, such as garlic, rosemary, chives, lemongrass, and marigolds. Some repel biting insects, while others ward off other unwanted pests.

Patio Enclosures

If you’re ready to take the next step to keep pests out and maintaining your comfort, consider installing a patio enclosure. Design it to fit your needs, and decisively put a wall between those unwanted many-legged lurkers. With options for sun shading or a thicker screen to avoid damage by pets or wildlife, you have quite a few choices regarding this route. So whatever time of day you choose to entertain, you’ll be covered—no pun intended.

There are many ways to keep pests out of your backyard. Whether you choose to spray, grow, or build to protect yourself from intruding creatures, consider your options. It may not seem like it, but summer is just around the corner, and with that climate comes many new opportunities and challenges. Being able to enjoy your space with others is one of the highlights of warm weather and owning a backyard barbeque or patio area.