Tips for Throwing an Exciting Pool Party
Expert Advice

Are you ready for cannonballs, barbeque, and endless summer fun? Keep reading to pick up some helpful tips for throwing an exciting pool party.

We all tend to breathe a sigh of relief when we notice the green grass growing in and buds forming on the trees—we know the warm months are upon us. With summer knocking at our door, we see the excitement of sports, tailgating, barbeques, and endless fun that comes with it. A pool party is a great way to gather friends and have fun while watching the latest game. If you want to host one of these get-togethers, keep reading to pick up some helpful tips for throwing an exciting pool party. If you don’t have a swimming pool consider getting a round above ground swimming pool.

Watch the Game

If your gatherings for watching sports events always take place on the couch, you may want to switch it up; consider throwing a pool party to watch the game. A plus is that it’ll keep the hotheads cool during tense moments. You can purchase or rent a movie projector or set up a TV outside—just keep it a safe distance from any water. If this is your first time planning a sports-viewing pool party, choose a game that is not especially important to anyone, just in case there are any technical difficulties.

Have Fun Challenges

Many people thrive on healthy competition; setting up a little rivalry between friends can be a super fun activity. If you have any pool noodles lying around, consider encouraging your guests to beat some pool noodle world records—they will love these wacky challenges. The athletic guests will love heart-racing games like pool volleyball or water polo. And if you are ever in doubt, Marco Polo is always a good idea.

Offer Tasty Food and Drink

Having good food and drinks is one of the simplest tips for throwing an exciting pool party. A pool party without scrumptious things to munch and sip on is a sad sight, which is why a pool and barbeque always go hand in hand. Hotdogs and hamburgers are reliable and fail-proof grilling options. Just make sure to set up a large cooler with various beverages everyone will love!