The Ultimate Tailgater’s Extra Essentials List
Expert Advice

Whether you’re new to tailgating or are an old hand, there are some things every respected tailgater should have to make the very best of the party at the game. Tailgating parties have their roots stretching back as far as college football games in the late 1870s. However, while the principle of tailgating has remained largely unchanged, the options available today has improved leaps and bounds.

If you’re looking for the ultimate tailgating setup, read on for some of the pre-requisites and added extras you should consider for your next game party.

A Killer Car

Let’s start with the obvious – to tailgate, you’re going to need a vehicle to drive to the game with all the items noted below. Check online for the best deals like those available from car dealers Northwich.

Mats and Covers

Things can get messy cooking out of the back of your vehicle, not to mention when you throw drinks into the mix. To keep your vehicle clean and tidy, think about buying mats and covers for the interior.

A Cargo Carrier

Depending on the size of your vehicle (not to mention the amount of gear or the number of people you intend taking with you), you might want to consider investing in a cargo carrier for the back or top of your car.

Extra Speakers

Whether you need these will depend largely on the setup of your existing vehicle’s audio system.  One thing’s for sure, there’s a lot of noise at games and you don’t want to be competing against fellow tailgaters with shoddy portable speakers so you might want to think about investing in a more substantial auxiliary sound system.

Extra Power Supply Or Power Inverter

No matter how advanced our modern gadgets and devices get, they all share the same problem with battery longevity. Rather than running out of juice just as the party’s getting started (for instance, your cellphone playlist suddenly dying), make sure you pack an extra power supply. Portable batteries can be picked up super cheap these days that can give some extra power to your devices (in some cases, five or more new charges) and that will keep you going all day. You can also use these battery packs to charge tablets or laptops so you can keep the TV on as you party.

Alternatively, if you do want to spend the time charging up a portable battery beforehand, you could use a power inverter that will change the DC of your car battery to AC – meaning you can run devices directly off the power of your car.

A Dedicated Barbecue Grill

Chances are, if you tailgate already, you likely do it regularly so why not invest in a dedicated tailgate grill that you can keep in the car, ready for your next party? There’s nothing worse than having to pack and unpack cooking utensils every time you’re going to a game – plus, it’s more than likely you’ll forget all-important items if you must pack them each time. Instead, invest in a toolkit you can keep in the car to save packing/unpacking each week.