SUV vs. Minivan: Which Is Right for You?
Expert Advice

There are many different types of large vehicles to choose from when shopping for a new personal car. Learn whether an SUV or minivan is right for you.

Are you in the market for a new vehicle that can meet the demands of your tailgating lifestyle? You most likely want a larger automobile with a capable and dependable engine. If so, the best options are either an SUV or a minivan. Read on to learn which type of vehicle is right for you.


Sport utility vehicles (SUVs) come in various shapes and sizes and perform different automotive functions, but they all share a few common characteristics. Mainly, SUVs are vehicles that feel similar to a small truck and can feature some level of off-road capability. Top automobile brands such as Range Rover and Mercedes manufacture large, highly expensive SUVs that prioritize style, comfort, and luxury.

Alternatively, affordable brands like Honda and Ford offer less expensive SUVs focused on utility and functionality. Because of this versatility, people of all backgrounds and situations can benefit from investing in SUVs – they’re as ideal for large families as an individual living alone. And, perhaps most notably, the off-roading capabilities of a quality SUV are very useful for the tailgating lifestyle!


Before SUVs, people looking for larger personal vehicles only had a few limited options – station wagons, trucks, and minivans. Ultimately, minivans became the quintessential American family vehicle due to their superior passenger and storage space.

Over time, brands such as Toyota and Hyundai prioritized minivan design to improve onboard technology, safety features, gas efficiency, and more. While SUVs remain the most popular car on the road today, minivans are still the perfect family car. Furthermore, used minivans are highly modifiable and ideal for creating the ultimate mobile tailgating set-up for game day.

Which Is Right for You?

Ultimately, the minivan is well-suited for one task – providing dependable and comfortable family transportation. So, investing in a minivan is your most practical option if you need a car that can fit everyone in the house, along with groceries, tailgating supplies, and sports gear. As a bonus, these automobiles are affordable, highly accessible, and gas efficient.

Outside of securing a family car, SUVs are almost always the better investment compared to minivans. There are so many types of SUVs to choose from when vehicle shopping, each boasts unique and helpful functionalities. Depending on your overall budget, you can easily find off-roading, luxury, and affordable SUVs from many top-brand manufacturers. So, unless you require the space and technology found in modern minivans, we recommend purchasing an SUV.

Deciding whether an SUV or minivan is right for you is just the first part of this exciting process – next, you get to select your desired style and brand! Major companies like Jeep are even outfitting their existing minivans and SUVs with fully-electric configurations, ensuring you save money on gas without sacrificing driving capabilities.