Protecting Personal Information on Your Mac
Expert Advice

The data on our computers is incredibly valuable to us, and also to hackers and online thieves. Our privacy is just as valuable. Here are some simple steps you can take to protect yourself from security threats that are both online and in the physical world.

Prevention Is The Cure

The number one use for any laptop or PC, whether it is Apple or not, is web browsing. When you are scrolling through sites, your computer can be vulnerable if you are not visiting a mainstream site that takes steps to protect itself, its users, and their information. One of the best ways to protect your Mac is to only visit websites that you know you can trust. This is especially important if you are using sites that have your banking details, address, or other sensitive personal information.

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Use File Vault And The Firewall

One of the advantages of using an Apple product is all the valuable and usable software that is included with your operating system. File Vault encrypts and protects all of the information on your hard drive, making it extremely difficult for hackers and online thieves to access your files. Even if you lose your Mac or it is stolen, it will still be protected. File Vault is one of the most important pieces of software on your Apple computer, yet many users fail to use it and make the most of this valuable feature.

To enable File Vault, open ‘System Preferences’ and go to ‘Security & Privacy’, then go to ‘File Vault’, and choose to enable it. Simple, quick, and convenient. That’s Apple for you. The Firewall feature also goes chronically underused. This helps protect your computer from intrusions over your network and the internet. This is incredibly important when using public networks, such as Wi-Fi in a Starbucks. Make sure you have this feature enabled 24/7. You can find it in ‘Security & Privacy’, just like File Vault. Enable the Firewall, and while you are there, engage ‘Stealth Mode’ for an added layer of security.

Always Use Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication, or 2FA, is becoming more widely used across many devices, apps, and websites. This is a great way of protecting your information and ensuring that people do not have access to your various accounts and sensitive data, even if they have your device open and logged in. If anyone, even you, attempts to access your Apple ID, you will be notified, and access will be denied until you verify that it is you that wants to access it.

Two-factor authentication protects all your iCloud data, and it prevents people from being able to circumvent your use of File Vault if they have access to your make with your account logged in for some reason. Switching it on is easy, and using it is convenient. Open ‘System Preferences’, then go to ‘Apple ID’, select ‘iCloud’, and then click on ‘Password & Security’. Ensure that ‘2FA’ is On and that the phone number it has is correct.

Create A Guest User Account

One of the best things about owning a Mac is that your friends and family will want to use it to try out an Apple computer. This is also one of the worst things. Make sure you have created a Guest User account so that you can hand your Mac over to them without giving them access to your profile and all the files and data within it. Taking this simple step prevents lots of problems and protects your privacy, as well as your data. It only takes a few minutes, and then the account will always be there when you need it.

Open ‘System Preferences’ and select ‘Users & Groups’. Tap the padlock symbol on the lower left. You will be prompted to enter your login details. Now simply select ‘Guest’ and tick ‘Allow Guests to log into this computer’. As long as you have File Vault enabled, guests will be able to use this account without the need for a password and will only be able to use Safari to browse the web. All your apps and files will be protected by File Vault, so you can pass your Mac on to friends and family confident that your privacy and security are protected.

Taking these simple steps will protect you, your data, and your Mac. Don’t fall victim to online threats, or lose your privacy if you lose your laptop. Make sure you tick all the boxes on this list to secure your data.