Memorial Day Party Tips
Expert Advice

Image: Deposit Photos, bhofack2

Memorial Day is the perfect time to kick off the slew of summer parties. Long holiday weekends mean we have more time to spend soaking up the sun and celebrating with friends. If you’re gearing up to host a get-together in your own backyard, follow these helpful tips to plan the best Memorial Day 2022 BBQ Bash!

Clean and Prep

Warmer weather is finally settling in at a steady pace, so it’s understandable if you haven’t fully prepped your deck for the arrival of 10-15 guests yet. Sweep off the porch, wipe down tables and chairs, uncover the grill. A grill cleaning kit has everything you need to revive your trusty grill back to life. Remove any leftover gunk on the grates and check if the drip pan has been cleaned. This is the time (a week in advance) to run to the store and get an extra bag of charcoal and fire starter cubes—not the day of the party!


​Streamers and lights are fun and inexpensive ways to add flair to any holiday party. Line the fence or wrap around the tree, and in just a few minutes, you’ll have spruced up outdoor space. A DIY stars and stripes banner is simple to make and can easily be customized to your desired length by printing more flags. Red, white and blue sparkler centerpieces are another cool way to bring a nod of patriotism to the table. For more festive flare, turn to bandanas; these distinctly American accessories also make a wonderful tablecloth or utensil holder for your party.


Your Memorial Day party menu should feature all-American classics! Stick to a simple menu of burgers, hot dogs, skewers, and grilled vegetables so that most of the food can be cooked on a grill. Other sides and snacks can be prepared inside—or better, ahead of time. Small platters of mini sandwiches, bowls of potato salad and a couple bags of chips should do the trick. Dessert provides the opportunity to bring color to your menu; opt for something quintessentially American like an apple or cherry pie. For the fruit lovers, have slices of watermelon ready to go.


As with any summer party, boozy beverages are a must. Beer drinkers may be satisfied with a case of Coors Light, but for those looking for more out of their libations, you can get creative with cocktails! For a refreshing summer drink, make a batch of strawberry margaritas and dip the rims of the glasses in blue sugar. For a different take, whip up some vodka cranberry cocktails. A wheeled bar cart will keep all of your essentials in one place and cleverly displayed for people to grab and go.


While everyone is munching and mingling, it’s important to have some options for entertainment. Be your own DJ and blast your best curated playlist to get everyone in the summer mood! Outdoor speakers, designed to provide maximum clarity and range can be set up at opposite ends of your backyard space. If you’re lucky enough to have a pool, perfect! If not, the youngsters might just as well enjoy a blow-up kiddie pool or running through the sprinkler on a hot day. (Just make sure the water activities are away from the speakers.) For the adults, allow them to relive their inner childhood with classic games like Giant Jenga or cornhole.

Follow these tips and you will have the best Memorial Day 2022 BBQ Bash possible!