How To Throw The Perfect Summer Party!
Expert Advice

Image: Depositphotos

Summer is approaching…it’s time to throw the perfect summer party! Kick-off the season with good friends, great food and beverages, and plenty of sunshine and laughs! Whether it is in your backyard, at a beach, or tailgating at the game, it is all about creating a “chill” vibe when the temps heat up! Here are some ideas on how to celebrate summer:


Think Beach! If you cannot get to the beach, you can easily set the tone of your party by bringing the beach to your guests –even if you are in your own backyard or at a tailgate! Decorate with beach chairs, colorful beach towels –which can be used as a tablecloth, beach balls (for play as well as décor!), and bright colored coolers that are useful for ice and cold drinks —all of which can be purchased inexpensively online or at a local retailer. Perhaps a Hawaiian or Caribbean beach theme is what you have in mind? Think real (or fake) pineapples, coconuts, and a few faux palm trees to transport your guests to island life! Place colorful sand in a decorative bowl or bottle and add in a few shells for an inexpensive centerpiece! One lucky guest can take it home as a fun party gift.


Every summer party needs some friendly athletic competition! Set up some fun summertime beach games like a beach ball toss, frisbee, cornhole, or badminton. Offer up prizes for the winners if you want to heat up the competition!


Get your guests in the mood by playing some beach-loving music! Everything from The Beach Boys to Taylor Swift will get everyone moving and grooving! There are beach playlists on your favorite music service, or better yet, make a mix of your guests’ favorite tunes ahead of time! This way, there is something for everyone.


Summer party food is all about ease and portability, especially if you are hosting the party away from your backyard! If you have a portable tailgate grill, then cook up hot dogs and hamburgers, which are always a favorite! But, if you want to simplify things, consider ready-made sandwiches or wraps. A six-foot sub is ideal if you have a larger crowd! Just add chips and snacks, and you’re all set for a fabulous feast. Guests can cool off with a refreshing fruit salad–a perfect complement to any meal.


No summer fun party is complete without ice-cold refreshments, and nothing’s better to quench your guests’ thirst and keep them cool than a low-calorie premium frozen cocktail. Providing guests with a healthier, low-calorie option will be appreciated by those who want to imbibe without sabotaging their summer fitness goals. You’ll want frozen cocktails to be portable and ready to consume in individual serving sizes. For visual appeal, artfully arrange your frozen and ready-to-drink cocktails in an ice-filled cooler or small colorful tub with fresh coconuts or small, colorful tropical fruits. This will make your guests feel like they are sipping the flavors of fresh fruit and premium spirits from far away beaches and sun-drenched destinations!

For non-alcoholic options, toss in some cans or bottles of iced tea, water, and soda in a separate cooler. (If you are on the beach, be mindful of restrictions on glass containers!)

Throwing a summer fun party should be a breeze–a “summer breeze,” that is!  Planning is all about enjoying the process—so sit down with a pad of paper, this list of ideas, and a delicious frozen cocktail and use the taste of summer as an inspiration!