How To Tell if Someone Is Too Drunk To Drive
Expert Advice

As a responsible host of homegate parties, it’s essential to ensure everyone gets home safely. Learn how you can tell if someone has had one too many. Homegate parties bring together the best of food, drinks, and camaraderie. However, when the grills cool down and the merriment subsides, there is a critical issue that we must address: the danger of drinking and driving. No matter how enjoyable the party was, safety should always be our priority. So, how can you tell if you or someone else is too drunk to drive? Let’s find out.

1. Speech Becomes Slurred

Slurred speech is one of the initial signs that someone may have had too much to drink. If your friend starts to mispronounce words or their sentences start making less sense, it might be time to consider alternative transportation options.

2. Balance Becomes Difficult

When a person starts to sway, stumble, or fail at walking in a straight line, it is a clear sign they have consumed too much alcohol. Remember, if they cannot balance themselves while walking, they should not operate a vehicle.

3. Reaction Times Slow Down

Alcohol can delay reaction times and slow reflexes. If someone takes more time than usual to respond to a question or react to a situation, it is a sign that they should not be behind the wheel.

4. Behavior Change

Alcohol can sometimes lead to drastic changes in behavior. For example, an individual might become overly friendly, unusually loud, or unexpectedly withdrawn. Likewise, using inappropriate language or becoming unusually quiet could also indicate they have had too much to drink.

5. Physical Symptoms Appear

Physical symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, clumsiness, or bumping into stationary objects are all indications that a person has had too much to drink. If you observe these signs, it is best to arrange for a ride home or call a taxi.

6. Short-Term Memory Loss Occurs

Alcohol can often cause short-term memory loss. If your friend cannot remember the score of the game you just watched or what they recently ate, it could be a sign that they are too intoxicated.

7. Failing a Sobriety Test

If you are still unsure, you might ask a sober person to perform a sobriety test like those used by law enforcement officers. Determining someone’s blood alcohol content is part of that test and could also be beneficial. However, bear in mind a trained professional should perform these tests. Additionally, the results are not definitive proof of someone’s ability to drive.

So, the next time you host a homegate party, keep these signs that someone is too drunk to drive in mind. Remember, the fun of a party is not just about enjoying the moment but also about ensuring everyone gets home safely afterward. So, fire up those grills, cheer on your team, and enjoy the good times—but always do so responsibly.