Getting Your Car Ready for Tailgating
Expert Advice

The coronavirus put a damper on our tailgating plans. But our guide shows how getting your car ready for tailgating can enhance your “homegating” experience.

Virus or no, football season is still upon us. And although we aren’t traveling to our favorite stadiums this year, that doesn’t mean tailgating is canceled. Pulling your car and your friends’ cars out on the driveway and popping the trunk is a great way to add a little authenticity to our homegating party. That means getting your ride ready for the season. Here is what to know about getting your car ready for tailgating.

Clean Out Your Car

In any tailgating operation, there is a lot of stuff to bring. Between coolers, cooking utensils, camping furniture, the grill itself, and the fuel for the grill, you are going to need as much space as possible. Getting all the junk out of the car will make loading and unloading the car a lot easier. Even if you’re in a pickup, cleaning out your truck bed is necessary if you want anyone to want to eat what you’re serving out of the back of it.

Of course, when you’re homegating, loading up the car isn’t really necessary. Still, if you’re popping your trunk to mimic the feeling of being in the stadium, that means people are going to see the interior of your car. It’s a good idea to clean out your car’s interior for the same reason that you’d clean the house before inviting company over.

Have Your Sound System on Lock

No party is complete without a little music. Though there are a lot of options out there for portable speakers, using your car’s sound system will let you crank your tunes even louder. Of course, this is only true if you have good-quality speakers, so fitting your car with a solid sound system is a worthwhile investment. Bring out the aux cable so your friends can rock out to your personal tailgate playlist or kick it old school by listening to a radio broadcast of the game.

Rep Your Team

One of the toughest things about being away from the stadiums is missing out on the energy of the other fans. One way to create that energy at a homegate is by decking out your car with your team’s colors. Use pennants, streamers, window paints, and anything else you can think of to turn your vehicle into a mobile stadium. You can even turn it into a contest between you and your tailgate guests. If you have kids, this is also a great way to get them involved with party prep.

Homegating doesn’t mean losing out on all the things that make tailgating great. By getting your car ready for tailgating as if you were heading out to the stadium, you can make your homegating party the best on the block.