Father’s Day Tools, Tires, Camo and an RV
Expert Advice

Image: Deposit photos, monkeybusiness

Father’s Day is fast approaching! This quick guide will give you some ideas to help you pick out gifts he’ll actually enjoy using.

Camo Seat Covers

Deer season can only mean one thing: camo gear. Embrace the spirit not only in the forest, but also in your car with the SKANDA Mossy Oak seat covers. The soft and durable fabric is resistant to UV damage, stains, mildew and rot so your upholstery is completely protected. From the headrest and armrest to the airbag cutouts and center console covers, these custom, made-to-order units fit snuggly over seats, resisting slippage. You also get a free installation kit, which includes a kevlar glove, installation tool, traction pad and safety glasses. Said to feel as comfortable as being in a La-Z-Boy chair, you might find yourself spending more time in your car than ever before. Even if the only hunting you do is for a parking spot, these attractive, quality-made seat covers can bring out the wild in any man.

Rent an RV

Pack up the kids, the dog, some food and drinks and hit the open road! RVshare is the world’s first and largest peer-to-peer RV rental service. After searching for your perfect RV based on location, you can chat directly with the RV owner and arrange details for pickup. Then you can enjoy the comfort of that home-away-from-home feeling while on the road. Make it a family trip and travel to destinations without having to worry about lodging. After all, the best gifts are those that provide experiences and long-lasting memories.

Snow-Proof Tires

If there’s one word that comes to mind when you think of Dad, its “prepared.” He always likes to be one step ahead of the game. That’s why winter tires will make a great gift, even if the idea of snow and ice are months away from now. The Firestone Winterforce 2 allows you to tame the traction on wet or snow-covered roads with ease thanks to its studded design. Its deep grooves, wide lateral notches and open shoulder slots help channel slush away from the contact patch to aid hydroplaning resistance, while the high sipe density tread pattern provides thousands of edges for grip in snow and on ice. Praised for its amazing performance, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that these radials also come at an affordable price.

Misting Fan

Imagine sitting outside on the deck in the peak of summer. While it’s nice to work on that tan and soak up some vitamin D, the heat can sometimes become unbearable. And while its impractical to use your air conditioning system outside, a misting fan might be your next best bet. The XPower 1000’s three speeds and oscillating function makes it a must-have for cooling off in outdoor spaces. Simply attach a water line to the device and you can reduce the temperature by about 20 degrees within minutes. And before you ask, no, you will not become soaked from using this fan. Water is pushed through the nozzles entering the air as droplets, which evaporate when touched by exterior heat and form a light and pleasant mist that is blown in your direction. Compact and lightweight, this energy-efficient solution solves the heat wave woes of backyard parties and summertime BBQ cookouts.

Cordless Drill

Does he spend hours toiling away in the garage building, sanding and tinkering? The handyman could probably use an upgraded cordless drill to maximize the efficiency of his project time.  DeWalt’s 20V 1/2″ cordless drill/driver kit is up for the challenge. The 20-volt cordless drill is powered by a Lithium-ion battery which offers phenomenal driving performance. If he’s a “tools guy”, he’ll know that Dewalt is one of the leading manufacturers that makes strongly constructed products built to handle even the toughest drilling projects. As such, this one is made of robust, durable materials; and with its two variable speeds, he can choose the level of performance needed on a particular application. The power is literally in his hands.