5 Reasons to Build an Outdoor Kitchen
Expert Advice

Imagine yourself in an impeccable outdoor BBQ kitchen, designed exactly to your needs, that you can use year-round. You rotate the juiciest, choicest cuts of meat on those piping-hot grill grates. Perhaps the spouse is curled up with a paperback on the luxury patio furniture, or the kids are topping their own pizzas by your side. You may be wondering, is an outdoor kitchen a good investment? There are a whole pack of reasons to build an outdoor kitchen according to our friends at BBQGuys!

1. Expand Household Living Space

Empty backyards are great. However, a complete entertainment station, ready to help you host guests at any given time is better. When building your outdoor kitchen, your choice of which grill to purchase is key.  Here are some luxury grills for you to consider as you’re building your own private getaway.

2. Widen Hosting Opportunities

Think of all the special occasions you’ll host when you build an outdoor kitchen. Evening socials and soirees are an excellent excuse to have over neighbors, coworkers or old friends. Get the squad together for a spectacular game day blowout but be sure to include an outdoor television when planning the build. Forget awkwardly standing around, drink in hand — that’s the old you. Build an outdoor kitchen. Discover the new you.

3. Lower Everyday Utility Bills

Guess what makes the indoors hotter? Running stoves and ovens. Large kitchen appliances heat the ambient temperature, taxing your poor air conditioning system. Bring the cooking outside: you’ll keep the thermostat happy, your clean surfaces happy, and it may be cheaper than driving to a restaurant and opening the wallet.

4. Encourage More Time Outside

Too much couch time? Kids glued to the tablet or their cell phone?  Cook those meals outdoors for plenty of health benefits: fresh air, sunshine, and an infrared booster shot of Vitamin D.  Plus, it’s an opportunity to enjoy the view for the thousands of dollars you spent on landscaping — while keeping the food and grease splatters outside!

5. Increase House Resale Value

Outdoor kitchens edge closer toward the “dealbreaker” column of the new homeowner’s checklist. They offer plenty of perks. Your kitchen can even add to your home’s square footage. Build it now, enjoy it now, sell it later! Or you could buy portable grill islands and take them with you when you move.

Unfortunately, building an outdoor kitchen costs money. Figuring out the budget depends a lot on how it will be built. Of course, you can go DIY. However, hiring a contractor is usually the best route. Just be sure that they are licensed, insured contractors.  Hiring a crew of loose-cannon contractors who don’t play by the rules is a bad idea.

Give some thought to what you plan to do when you build that outdoor kitchen. Here’s some outdoor kitchen designs to consider.  Things to consider are how often to you plan to entertain? How many guests do you expect to host on average? Will you be hosting larger parties, like family reunions, or aiming for the immediate family? These answers will help determine your project’s scope as you begin planning to build your outdoor kitchen paradise.