Three Luxury Outdoor Televisions

Three Luxury Outdoor Televisions

Most people assume that an indoor TV will work great outside, assuming it can survive the elements. Wrong!

And it’s not just rain that should concern you.  Indoor televisions can easily be destroyed by bugs, sunlight, humidity, temperature, water gun fights and the errant football pass or baseball toss. Simply put, indoor televisions should stay indoors.  Whereas outdoor TVs are designed to be outdoors, with all the potential destruction that goes with the territory.


One place outdoor TVs are significantly better than indoor televisions is brightness. Quite simply, it is brighter outdoors than indoors when the sun is out, and indoor TVs are designed to be used in the home, protected from the brightest sunlight. There are outdoor televisions designed for partially shaded areas, and those designed for receiving direct sunlight. Indoor TVs are not designed for direct sunlight and would simply be unusable in such a situation.


The most important option that an outdoor TV provides is the ability to place your television wherever you want within your yard. Homeowners can spend tens of thousands of dollars building a pool, purchasing landscaping, building a backyard BBQ patio deck and generally making their yard into a beautiful oasis.

Some then purchase an indoor TV and install it on the side of their home so they can sit with their backs turned to the beautiful yard they just paid for. Who wants to stare at the side of their house when a wonderland is just feet away?

With an outdoor TV you can move the TV out into the yard, allowing yourself to spend more time enjoying your beautiful space, not simply watching TV out in the elements. Consider mounting an outdoor display near the pool, so you can watch the big game without getting out of the water. Or maybe a TV near the BBQ deck for dad to enjoy while he makes burgers for the neighbors.

Here’s three great outdoor televisions to consider purchasing this spring.

Samsung The Terrace 75”

Enjoy your favorite HDR 4K UHD content in outdoor areas with partial sunlight or full shade with the Samsung The Terrace LST7T 75″ Smart Outdoor QLED TV. It supports HDR10 & HDR10+ 4K UHD video and features an IP55 rated weather-resistant design to protect its internal components from most weather conditions and temperatures ranging from -22 to 122°F.

Anti-reflection technology helps improve visibility during daylight hours; visibility is further enhanced by the TV’s 2000 cd/m² brightness output.  With Wi-Fi and HDBaseT Ethernet connectivity built-in, the television can be controlled via your Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Samsung Bixby enabled devices. The TV includes a weatherproof, dustproof IR remote control for added convenience.

SunBrite 75” Signature 2

The SunBrite 75″ Signature 2 weatherproof TV is perfect for partial-sun and high ambient light applications such as your patio, deck and yard.  This 4K HDR television is up to three times brighter than indoor TVs.  The commercial-grade screen with direct LED backlight and TruVision anti-glare technology delivers an ultra-bright (700NIT) picture with 4K resolution.  The dramatic picture detail and full HDR support offer amazing contrast and vibrant colors.

Built for permanent outdoor installation, the sleek think-bezel design adds style while the durable aluminum (not plastic) casing protects against weather and insects to provide safe and superior performance from winter to summer (-24 F to 122 F outside temperatures).  The built-in HDBaseT receiver with IR repeater provides a clean, affordable option for receiving up to 4K UHD resolution video and control over a single Ethernet cable.

Seura 86″ Storm

The Seura 86” Storm   outdoor TV is the best television for any outdoor area, including in direct sunlight.  Its best-in-class 1000-nit brightness rating, advanced HDR and 4K UHD provide the perfect picture in bright light conditions. Séura’s Adaptive Picture Technology optimizes brightness and contrast as lighting conditions change throughout the day for the optimal picture at all times.

Carefully designed and tested to thrive outside year-round in rain, snow, dust and changing temperatures from -40F to 140F.  Its industry-leading 1000-nit brightness provides optimal outdoor viewing even in direct sunlight. It combines 4K Ultra HD picture clarity with the contrast, color and detail of HDR for a bright, vivid, true-to-life picture in outdoor environments.

The weatherproof compartment includes four HDMI inputs and three USB ports for a variety of connectivity options, supporting Roku, Apple TV and more.