A Student’s Guide to Becoming a Grill Master
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Photo by Danny Gallegos on Unsplash

A student’s cuisine mostly consists of fast food and noodles. Foodies and gym rats may have it differently, but once the exam term hits, we all eat the same junk food. Luckily, there are ways to prepare meals quickly, but you may not always have a full kitchen at your disposal. For that reason, let’s consider some of the best ways that you, as a student, can become a grill pro.

Should You Learn How to Grill?

Learning how to grill is not difficult but it does take practice. Should you learn how to grill? Absolutely! This is a great way to entertain people, to be the star of any evening, and to always say you have a great hobby. Considering the number of foodie Instagram accounts, with a good camera, you could also monetize the skill and turn it into a stream of income.

What Are Some Common Problems when Learning How to Grill?

It goes without saying that every new hobby you try to pick up comes with its own set of problems and issues to be resolved. For a student, this may be a lack of space or a lack of grill. However, public grills, especially in rest spots on hiking trails and in community apartments, may be the solution.

Another common problem is a lack of time to learn the skill and to practice it. Luckily, letsgradeit.com has a solution for that problem. You can use this service to find a good writer and delegate some of the schoolwork to them. Then, you can use the extra time you have to improve your grilling skills.

Steps to the Perfect Steak

While grilling isn’t hard, it does take practice. Important tips include getting your grill hot enough to cook and finding the right cut of meat. Here are some other tips on how to grill a great steak:

  1. Oil the grill before grilling the meat – this will help prevent the meat from sticking
  2. Flip the meat 1-2x only – this will allow for more even cooking
  3. Never grill frozen meat,
  4. Never press the meat onto the grill – although the sizzling sound is what we want, pressing the meat against the grill bars expels all the juice, leaving you with a dry cut that tastes more like cardboard and less like beef.

Where to Learn How to Grill?

If you’ve never grilled before, you can ask your dad or your neighbor for some tips. You should know that you can also attend online grilling classes, as it is here that you can pick up all the extra advice for extra juicy and flavored steaks. Online grilling classes are inexpensive, and you can take them whenever you have time to do so and from wherever you would like – including the college cafeteria during a break period.

Some of the best grilling classes out there do not have to be the most expensive. In fact, most good grilling classes can be found for under $100. If you would like to take your skills to the next level, you should be ready to spend more. Master classes can cost upwards of $1,000, but you needn’t take them unless you are a professional chef who hopes to impress clients.

How to Practice Grilling?

If you would like to practice grilling, you should not lament over not having a full kitchen in the dormitory. In fact, you should consider all the other chances you have to practice your new skill. Any outing into nature, holidays, and time spent at home can be a great chance to practice and pick up some more advice. You can also consider looking for a part-time job at any restaurant for that matter. This will be a skill that will last you a lifetime.

Final Considerations

Grilling is a great way to improve the variety of foods that you can cook and is also a good conversation starter. Being able to cook a perfect steak is also a great thing to know how to do. If you are looking for a new skill to learn, this is a perfect start.