S’mores Martini
Food and Drink

Adapted from thecookierookie.com

S’mores Martini

"S’mores. The gooey, chocolate campfire treat that was worth the scorched fingers and tongues. This creamy cocktail offers those same summer-night flavors in a cool drink to be sipped and savored."

1 ounce Godiva Chocolate Liqueur

½ ounce fluffed marshmallow vodka

½ ounce heavy cream

chocolate syrup & finely crushed graham crackers for the rim

large marshmallows for garnish


Glass: martini

Garnish: toasted marshmallows

Rim: crushed graham crackers and chocolate sauce

Dip the rim of a martini glass in chocolate syrup and then into the graham cracker crumbs to create a thin, thorough coating. Set aside.

In a shaker, pour in the liqueur, cream and vodka with about a cup of ice and shake vigorously until chilled, about 30 seconds. Strain into a martini glass. You can skip the ice, if you prefer.

Lightly brown the marshmallows by sliding them onto a skewer or straightened coat hanger (remember doing that as a kid?) and rotating them over the nearest campfire or grill for about a minute, while preventing them catching fire. Or use a kitchen torch. Lay the skewered marshmallows across the top of the glass and serve.