Cool Hand Luke
Food and Drink

Excerpted from Sloshes by Jerry Nevins, Photography by Lucy Schaeffer/ Workman Publishing © 2017.

Cool Hand Luke

"Let this frozen, “cool as a cucumber” slosh keep you as chilled out in summer’s intense heat as Cool Hand Luke stayed facing down the Captain. "

Serves 4

2 ounces water

9 ½ ounces Simple Syrup

4 ounces lemon juice

2 ¾ ounces lime juice

2 ¼ ounces Pimm’s Blackberry & Elderflower

12 ¼ ounces Thatcher’s Organic Cucumber Liqueur

7 ½ ounces whole milk


Glass: floral bowl

Garnish: cucumber wheel or blackberries

Combine. Place the water, simple syrup, lemon juice, lime juice, Pimm’s and cucumber liqueur in a medium-size, metal bowl and stir.

Blend. Add the milk to the bowl slowly, using an immersion blender to emulsify the mixture.

Freeze. Pour the liquid into a large freezer bag and place it in the freezer until frozen, approximately 4 hours. Alternatively, pour the liquid into an ice cream maker and proceed per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Serve. When you’re ready to drink, massage the freezer bag by hand until it’s a wet, slushy consistency. If it’s not breaking up, run the bag quickly under hot water and massage some more. Pour into the glass and garnish.