Winter Olympics 2022 – USA Gold Hopefuls

Winter Olympics 2022 – USA Gold Hopefuls

The Winter Olympics are here! Which is something that feels strange since the Summer Olympics just ended after being delayed a year because of COVID-19.  Nonetheless, we get two Olympics in less than 12 months and that is pretty cool. The games are being played in Beijing in 2022 and the Opening Ceremony was February 4. Here is our breakdown of American athletes that might bring home a gold medal for Team USA.


The ones you know:

I don’t think it’s any surprise that Olympians like Shaun White, Chloe Kim, Mikaela Shiffrin, Jessie Diggins and John Shuster would be on this list. These are the most recognizable Olympians entering the games. White will appear in his final Winter Olympics. He is one of the greats in all of snowboarding and will look to add to his three gold medals. Kim broke onto the scene as a teenager in 2018 and won a gold medal, Shuster has been the skipper for the curling team and is now a gold medalist, and Shiffrin is looking to become one of the most decorated Olympians in USA history. Diggins is a vet at the winter games and likely competing in her last Olympics.


Repeat Customers looking for gold:

Just medaling at the Olympics is a massive deal. Hell, just making it to the Olympics is such a massive accomplishment. But there are plenty of athletes who have one goal in mind, and they’ll be trying to get it done this time around. Check out the betting odds for athletes that are looking to medal.

Alex Ferreira is one of these competitors who has a silver medal and will try to go for gold in freeski halfpipe. Nick Goepper is a gold medal away from earning all three metals, err medals, in his career. He has been participating in freeski slopestyle/big air since 2014 and now has a crack at gold in his third Olympic games. Kaillie Humphries is now an American athlete after switching over from Team Canada due to psychological harassment. She’s got her American citizenship and a laundry list of awards under her belt as she tries to shine gold for Team USA.


Some new names to watch:

Ashley Cain-Gribble and Timothy LeDuc will be competing in pairs figure skating and could bring home a chunky medal. They won the U.S. title in 2019. Kristen Santos is a potential rising star for Team USA in short track speedskating. At 27-years-old, she will compete in her first winter games and already has fared well in many world events. Maame Biney won’t be competing in her first Olympic games, but maybe this will be the year she brings home a medal as she is still just a 22-year-old athlete looking to dominate in short track.


How to Watch:

The Olympics will be broadcast on NBC and Peacock. NBC is preparing to show more than 2800 hours of coverage over the next two to three weeks of the games. The opening ceremony will begin at 6:30 am Eastern Time on Friday, February 4th and the games will officially begin after the conclusion. The Winter Olympics closing ceremony is February 20.