Top 3 2023 NFL Games Week 11

Top 3 2023 NFL Games Week 11

What a crazy week of ball in the National Football League. Week 10 lived up to the hype with some incredible games, mostly centered around the AFC North division where the Bengals lost a heartbreaker and the Browns upset the Ravens in epic fashion. I don’t know if there is any one team that is incredible this year, but the parity is tight and this season has been fun to watch. Here are our Top 3 2023 NFL Games Week 11. 

Cincinnati Bengals vs Baltimore Ravens

As I previously mentioned, the AFC North has been fun to watch, and it gives us another great matchup on Thursday (shocker). In my mind, the Bengals entered last week as the hottest team in the NFL while the Ravens entered as the best team in the NFL. Well…they both lost so what are we supposed to think now? This should be an epic matchup between two very good defenses and two offenses that are explosive. Joe Burrow has gone back to the Joe Burrow that we have come to know and love, but this is going to be his toughest task yet with a Ravens defense that allows just a few points a game. If there is going to be a physical football game this week, I believe it’ll be this one. This game being played in Baltimore gives the Ravens an advantage, but the Bengals have won four of the last six in this matchup. Prediction: Bengals 22 Ravens 24

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cleveland Browns

Surprise, surprise…another AFC North matchup for us to marvel at. The Steelers seem like an offensively inept team that can’t move the ball until the fourth quarter when Kenny Pickett comes alive. Najee Harris has struggled this year, but Jaylen Warren has been excellent as his backup and as a spark plug for the Steelers. Cleveland doesn’t allow a whole lot on defense but it’s their offense that I am more focused on. Deshuan Watson could miss this game after being seen with a boot on his foot leaving last week’s game. Even with him, the showing hasn’t been all that impressive and the Steelers will limit them regardless. I like a low scoring game here that is a bit of a slugfest. Prediction: Steelers 20 Browns 17

New York Jets vs Buffalo Bills

The AFC East is a very weird division right now with the Dolphins as the front runner by a wide margin as the Bills and Jets still struggle. The Bills seem to have an identity crisis. The offense is oddly struggling, and it seems like there is serious tension between Stefon Diggs and Josh Allen. That is a bad omen for the rest of the season when your star quarterback and top wide receiver aren’t seeing eye to eye. The Jets seem to have the Bills number in the past two seasons since Robert Saleh has taken over as coach. They won in Week 1 despite Aaron Rodgers going down almost immediately, and we have seen Zach Wilson beat this Bills team before. Saleh claims that Wilson is playing well enough to avoid being benched. Prediction: Jets 24 Bills 21