Top 3 2021 NFL Games Week 7

Top 3 2021 NFL Games Week 7

Talk about a predictable weekend in the NFL. Every single favorite in the early games won outright on Sunday afternoon, a rare occurrence. Outside of that, madness ensued on Thursday night as the Eagles nearly clawed themselves back into the game against the Bucs, the Seahawks and Geno Smith lost another heartbreaker on Sunday night, and the Titans pulled off an epic upset of the Buffalo Bills on Monday night. There are some really good teams in the league right now, the Cards are at the very top for me and the Ravens are right behind them. Week seven should be fun and we have you covered with the top 3 games of the week.


Kansas City Chiefs vs Tennessee Titans

This is a tough time to catch the Titans after they pulled off a huge win at home against a very good Buffalo Bills team and now sit at 4-2, good for the very top of the AFC South. The Titans are going to try to run the ball down the Chiefs throats, a tactic that works very well when you have Derrick Henry on your roster. The passing game for the Titans has struggled thus far this season, but if they can get that phase of the game going, watch out. The Chiefs are coming off a nice win against Washington, but there are still lots of questions surrounding Patrick Mahomes and some of his turnovers. Some speculate he is pressing because his defense has been so bad. If that’s the case, the Chiefs may have some serious struggles in this game. Prediction: Titans


Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens

Don’t look now but the Cincinnati Bengals are a 4-2 ballclub and playing at a very high level. They should have knocked off the Green Bay Packers and have a quality win against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Joe Burrow and his old LSU buddy Ja’Marr Chase are the ones who are making all the noise, but it’s their top 10 ranked defense that is keeping them in games. They will be tested more than ever this week against the Ravens, who are scoring at will and have Lamar Jackson playing at a dangerously high level. The Ravens defense had been underperforming most of the season, but they finally turned it on last week and shut down Justin Herbert and the Chargers. This could be a fun divisional rivalry brewing with two young quarterbacks and two very good defenses. Prediction: Ravens


New York Jets vs New England Patriots

On paper, no one is jumping at this game, but at the same time, it features two of the top-five quarterbacks who were chosen in the 2021 NFL Draft and two guys who will likely see a lot of each other over the next few seasons. Belichick really forced Zach Wilson into some struggles in the first division matchup earlier this season and I am interested to see if the rookie QB can make some adjustments and fare better in his second try against his division rival. At the same time, I am looking for a little bit more from Mac Jones than just being a game manager. His defense has bailed him out so far in wins this season, but last week proved why he needs to make some big plays. Prediction: Patriots