Top 3 2021 NFL Games Week 14

Top 3 2021 NFL Games Week 14

The NFL is a beast, and the power rankings are changing every single week. The Evil Empire has struck back as the New England Patriots sit at the very top of the AFC after rattling off seven straight wins and beating the Bills after just throwing three passes the whole game. The Bucs are finally finding their stride just as the Cards get back Kyler Murray as they look to punch their postseason ticket. Here are the top three games of NFL Week 14.


Baltimore Ravens vs Cleveland Browns

The Ravens seemed to have been getting lucky over the last few weeks as their offense continues to sputter. Last week they finally got caught as the Pittsburgh Steelers escaped with a win after a failed two-point conversion left the Ravens a point short. The Browns are last in the North now and things seem to be fading as Baker Mayfield struggles to deal with his injury. This is a make it or break it game for Cleveland who desperately needs something to get back on the right track. The Browns are 4-2 at home this season and it feels like a win here turns them around for a potential late playoff push. Prediction: Browns


Buffalo Bills at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Things have gone South for the Bills who are now just a 7-5 team and in second place in their own division after being touted as a Super Bowl contender this season. The offense is struggling mightily and has failed to score more than 15 points in three of their last five games – all losses. Now they’ll have to keep up with a Bucs team that has put up 30, 38, and 30 in their last three games. The Bucs defense is starting to get better as their secondary gets healthier and the Bills will struggle to run in this game. The Bucs have a comfortable NFC South lead, and it doesn’t look like anyone is going to threaten them for the division this year like the Saints did last year. If there is a team that will be pressing, it’s Buffalo and that doesn’t bode well. Prediction: Bucs


Los Angeles Rams vs Arizona Cardinals

The Cards took care of business last time they faced the Rams and since that game the Rams have not been the same. They entered their contest against the Cards at home as a 3-0 team. After losing to the Cardinals, they have proceeded to lose three of their next eight games for a 8-4 record overall.  This team looked much more dominant before that game and four of those five wins have come against the lowly Giants, Jacksonville, Houston, and Detroit teams. The Cards struggled for one game without Kyler Murray but even Colt McCoy did a serviceable job leading the Cards to a pair of wins. Arizona is the better team right now and with a fully healthy Murray back on a Monday Night game at home, I am tipping my cap in the Cards direction. If Arizona wins this game, they clinch a spot in the playoffs for the first time since 2015. Prediction: Cardinals