Storylines for the 2022 NFL Season

Image: Wikimedia Commons, Erik Drost

Storylines for the 2022 NFL Season

Can you feel it in the air? It’s like you can almost taste the pigskin. With the first game of the season just three weeks away, let’s look at the most interesting storylines for the 2022 NFL season.


Contract Situations of Disgruntled QBs

The record-setting deal that Aaron Rodgers signed to remain the quarterback of the Green Bay Packers was bad for the NFC North, but it’s excellent for QBs that have their contract coming to an end. The Bills inked Josh Allen long-term for $258 million ($150M guaranteed), and then there was Deshaun Watson’s deal with Cleveland.

However, there’s a former MVP signal-caller still looking for a new deal.  Lamar Jackson voiced his displeasure with contract talks and it will be interesting to see how this turns out.  Especially after Arizona Cardinals QB Kyler Murray just signed a huge deal.


Who Is Starting Week One for Cleveland?

To say the Cleveland Browns quarterback situation is a mess would be the understatement of the year. The unmitigated disaster of trading for Watson is bad enough from an optics standpoint. Still, when you account for the multiple first-round picks and the guaranteed $230 million, it’s facepalm worthy.


Old Faces in New Places

Generally, the NFL doesn’t have many quarterbacks change places, particularly elite ones. The 2022 off-season had different ideas because QBs moved around more than ever.

It will be interesting to see how the Colts fare with an aging Matt Ryan at the helm. Likewise, will Carson Wentz be the difference-maker in Washington? And, oh yeah, there’s that Russell Wilson guy in Denver. You might have to wait a few weeks to let the dust settle before you pick any games.


How Wide Receiver Musical Chairs Play Out

If you thought the quarterback market was wild, you could claim that the wide receiver movement was reckless. Here’s a small recap of what all went down.

  • Davante Adams – Packers to Raiders
  • Tyreek Hill – Chiefs to Dolphins
  • AJ Brown – Titans to Eagles
  • Marquise Brown – Ravens to Cardinals
  • Amari Cooper – Cowboys to Browns
  • Robert Woods – Rams to Titans

That doesn’t even include the wide receivers who are swapping jerseys from free agency like Allen Robinson (Rams), Christian Kirk (Jaguars), and Russell Gage (Buccaneers).


Will Father Time Come Calling?

Do you remember where you were when Tom Brady retired for what felt like a day? Probably not, because it never seemed real from the jump. It feels like this could be it for the legendary quarterback, and with a legitimate Super Bowl contender, he might be able to ride off into the sunset.

These interesting storylines for the 2022 NFL season will bring some added excitement to an already jammed-pack year full of jubilation and heartbreak that ends far too quickly.