Wanna Bet?

Wanna Bet?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock these last five months, you’ve seen it a million times over the course of the NFL season, and even more so during the playoffs.  You know what I’m talking about, the ubiquitous “We are all Caesars” commercials with the fun-loving Manning clan.  If Peyton, Eli, Cooper, and the family patriarch Archie haven’t caught your attention, surely, you’ve seen Jamie Foxx touting the MGM betting platform? Of course, other sports betting forums such as Draft Kings and Fan Duel have also spent millions on advertising in the hopes that the sports wagering public will spend millions on their platforms.

Love it, or hate it, legalized online gambling is here and it’s not going away.  To that end, Tailgater magazine is proud to announce its partnership with  BetUS.com, the largest and longest-running online sportsbook and gambling platform in the world. It truly is America’s favorite online sportsbook and has been for over 27 years.

Launched in 1994, the website draws 14 million U.S. visitors each month and NBA Hall-of-Famer Gary Payton is the official spokesperson for the platform.

Now, from the comfort of your living room you can legally place an online bet for the NFL Conference Championship games this weekend and parlay that right into the Super Bowl.

Next up, how about the Winter Olympics?  Show your pride and predict who will win gold for the USA!

Then it’s time to start your engines and get ready for NASCAR.  You can kick off the racing season by predicting who will win the Daytona 500 and every race thereafter. Why not go out on a limb and make your pick for the next NASCAR Cup Champion too?

Then, who’s ready for some “March Madness”? I know all of us here at Tailgater are! Office pool brackets are one thing, but this is the real deal.

After that Major League Baseball shouts “play ball” (hopefully the labor dispute is resolved by then), and then its right back to football season, starting with the college games and then the big boys of the NFL.

Of course, every other sport is available to choose your winner as well – NBA, NHL, tennis, golf, MMA, boxing, you name it.  Want to pick the Kentucky Derby winner, or the Indy 500 champ?  How about the U.S. Open, The Masters, or Wimbledon?  Go ahead, it’s all there.

Whether it’s sports betting forums, casino gaming or headline news props, betting enthusiasts choose BetUS.com first and you should too.