6 Insane Baseball Stadium Concoctions

Image: Hyoung Chang

6 Insane Baseball Stadium Concoctions

Have something to nosh at-hand while you read this. And maybe some Tums. We’re not saying these wild offshoots of normal stadium fare are still available this season, but they’re worth a nod of the helmet for even existing. If these aren’t weird enough for you, at the Seattle Mariners’ stadium, they have sold millions of roasted grasshoppers (40 bugs per serving) over the years.  Apparently, the chili lime salt flavoring makes them irresistible. Check out these insanely crazy ballpark food concoctions!

New York Mets

Pete Alonso’s Polar Burger

Debuting in 2021, this is a burger to be found at the finest of tables. It’s a beacon of luxury beef amid the scruffiness of a well-loved stadium. Named in honor of their first basemen, this behemoth starts with a black truffle blended burger patty from the famous New York meat purveyor, Pat LaFrieda. Crowning this glory is maple-spiced caramelized onions, smoked gouda cheese, lettuce, tomato, and claw sauce (a mystery) on a freshly baked brioche bun. Everything has been soaked in butter.

Texas Rangers

The Boomstick

This two-foot-long all-beef hot dog is smothered in chili, nacho cheese, jalapenos, and caramelized onions, all on top of a massive potato bun. The whole thing weighs in at three pounds!  It comes with a handy carrying case and can easily feed 3-4 people.  I’m feeling a stomachache coming on already.

Arizona Diamondbacks

Reuben Some Dirt On It Dog

Not to be outdone by the Rangers, this dog comes at an astounding $30. But it’s an entire meal. The 18-inch-long Schreiner’s hot dog comes wrapped in a rye bun and then steps way off the Reuben train. Smothered with mac and cheese, it’s dotted with crisp fried pickles and green onions then topped with, of course, a secret sauce.

Pittsburgh Pirates

Pittsburgh Cone

This is not what you expect to find in a waffle cone. Or in Pittsburgh. Instead, you discover a savory kielbasa sandwich right down to the tip of the crispy, sweet cone. That spicy Polish sausage lays among soft savory pierogi, Swiss cheese, the bite of sauerkraut, and creamy Russian dressing.

Colorado Rockies

Elvis Shake

Smooth and shakin’ like the King’s iconic voice, this slightly boozy refresher also fills you up with Elvis favorite sandwich makings in dessert form—crème de banana, candied bacon, and peanut butter sauce. All blended together in velvety ice cream and sprinkled with a bit of baseball history—Cracker Jack—and a garnish of bacon strips. So very over-the-top Elvis.

Houston Astros

Cowboy Fries

These would have made cowboys weep into their beans. Piled high, they start with a bed of fresh-cut fries under a blanket of smooth queso blanco. It wouldn’t be Texas without some meat and heat, so there’s a layer of brisket, jalapeño ranch, diced green onions, pickled jalapeños, and onions then drizzled with barbecue sauce. Yee haw!