7 Bold Predictions for the 2023 NFL Season

Image: From Wikimedia Commons, All-Pro Reels

7 Bold Predictions for the 2023 NFL Season

As the 2023 NFL season comes into focus, there are plenty of bold predictions to be made. From how you think certain teams will perform, to individual player achievements during the season, these are just some of the feats we can look forward to seeing this year. Some of these predictions are probably more obvious than most, yet many can be backed up with reliable information. That’s one of the beauties of sports betting and staying up to date with NFL news to make the most informed decisions.

Denver Broncos Make the Playoffs

After a dreadful first year with the team, the comeback impact of Russell Wilson should see the Broncos into the postseason. That would mean winning 10 games for a wild card berth, which does not sound unreasonable. Certainly not when you consider the offensive genius of new coach Sean Payton. Perhaps Wilson’s performance from last year will continue to haunt the Denver Broncos, but this is a great opportunity for him to show he was worth all the draft picks that Denver gave up acquiring him.

The New England Patriots Hit a Wall

All dynasties must come to an end and perhaps it is time for the New England Patriots. Some great teams simply fade away, yet it may be due that the Patriots hit a wall, especially after failing to make the playoffs last season. The competition is fierce in the AFC East with the Buffalo Bills at the top of the division. Of course, there’s also the Miami Dolphins who should be major contenders, especially with the return of Tua Tagovailoa at quarterback.  Oh, and the NY Jets have a new QB with the last name Rodgers.

Patrick Mahomes Passes For 5,000 Yards, Again

To date, New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees is the only quarterback to achieve 5,000 passing yards in consecutive seasons. He did so three years in a row during the 2011, 2012, and 2013 seasons. With good pass protection this season, Mahomes should join that exclusive club.  Regardless of who is playing receiver for the team, the greatness of the defending Super Bowl champion superstar always shines through.

The Dallas Cowboys Go Far in The Playoffs

The Dallas Cowboys have failed to reach the conference championship game since the 1995 season after appearing in 16 of the previous 30 conference championship games. It’s about time they ended that streak. With the additions of CB Stephon Gilmore and WR Brandin Cooks, they should have a good chance. Although the NFC is very competitive if the Cowboys are to make a deep playoff run, this is the season to do it.

Justin Jefferson Leads League in Receiving Yards 

Much like Mahomes passing for 5,000 yards, Minnesota Vikings WR Justin Jefferson should lead the way in receiving yards again this season. That has not happened in consecutive seasons since Calvin Johnson from the Detroit Lions managed to do so in the 2011 and 2012 seasons. If he remains injury free, and gets the support he needs, then this should happen. Defenses will look to limit him, but the best players always find a way and that should be the case here.

The Detroit Lions Finally Win a Playoff Game

While this could be the season for the Dallas Cowboys, the same could be said for the Detroit Lions. Not so much reaching the playoffs but actually winning a playoff game. They have not done so since the 1991 season. The Lions should win the NFC North due to the lack of competition. There’s uncertainty about the Chicago Bears as they continue to rebuild, and both the Minnesota Vikings and the Green Bay Packers seem unsettled. If the NFL rumors are true, then the Lions’ chances are enhanced under coach Dan Campbell going into the coming season. Certainly, they have the talent to go far.

Taylor Swift Performs the Super Bowl Halftime Show

This prediction is more based on it is due to happen sooner rather than later. Taylor Swift is undoubtedly one of the biggest music stars in the world and she’s due to perform at the Super Bowl. Who knows, maybe she will perform when her hometown team, the Philadelphia Eagles, play in the biggest game of them all. Getting tickets to see Taylor Swift at one of her own concerts is an effort in itself so a short performance for the world to see may make sense.


There are always some shockers to be had in any NFL season and that’s part of the appeal of watching and betting on the games. We all like making predictions and some of those can become wagers for the coming season. Whether or not all of them turn out to be true is only part of the fun, they should make watching the games more interesting.

While the odds of Taylor Swift performing the halftime show at the Super Bowl may be low, there are other bets. The Detroit Lions should win a playoff game, just like the Denver Broncos should reach the postseason. Then there are individual achievements such as Justin Jefferson’s numbers for receiving yards. Few would doubt Mahomes hitting 5,000 passing yards either.