2023 AFC West Team Needs

2023 AFC West Team Needs

The AFC West may have been the most disappointing division in all of football. Sure, Kansas City won the Super Bowl, but many believed that with Russell Wilson entering the division, there was going to be quality quarterback play from all four teams and maybe that this would be the year that Kansas City was knocked off its throne. Obviously, that didn’t pan out as KC dominated the entire season.  The Raiders nearly fired Josh McDaniels halfway through the year, the Russ trade is already shaping up to be one of the worst in NFL history, and the Chargers allowed one of the largest playoff comebacks in history to end their season on the sourest note possible. Here are the 2023 AFC West team needs.

Denver Broncos

Team Needs: OL, RB

Denver has a legit defense and with Sean Payton coming to town, it’s time to invest in the offense and hope that last season was a once-in-a-lifetime disaster for Russell Wilson and not a precursor of things to come. The injury to RB Javonte Williams killed this offense and they need an offensive line upgrade. Payton is going to focus on bringing in weapons and leaving the defense to the coordinators. I see Wilson getting some help this offseason, although they don’t have a ton of cap space available to do so.

Kansas City Chiefs

Team Needs: OT, WR, EDGE

The Chiefs really don’t need much at all, but a team can also improve even after winning a Super Bowl. The wide receiver committee certainly worked this year, but there is no issue improving. The Chiefs may lose some starting O-lineman to free agency, so they will look to build through the draft. Things are good in KC and while maybe going after a top receiver in the draft can make them even more dangerous, they are already a top bet for the Super Bowl for the upcoming season.

Las Vegas Raiders

Team Needs: QB, OL, DL

Every position feels like a need for the Raiders. They don’t have a QB, no one to protect a future QB, and their defense was trashed. The Raiders have not drafted well in recent years, and it’s been their downfall. Not being able to trade Derek Carr was a huge miss for Vegas. The prospect of being able to draft one of the top signal callers seems like a pipedream. Maybe they make a run at Jimmy G or maybe they get creative through trades and go for a quarterback that McDaniels has worked with in the past like Mac Jones.

Los Angeles Chargers

Team Needs: WR, TE, DL

Keenan Allen could be a cap casualty this offseason so the Chargers might have to draft a wide receiver like Quentin Johnston out of TCU. Justin Herbert also needs a tight end for the future. Maybe Notre Dame TE Michael Mayer will be there when the Chargers pick? Either way, Brandon Staley must figure out how to keep his job. The defense has some young, key pieces that make them very special but getting more of a pass-rush while also protecting their own quarterback must be discussed this offseason.