2023 AFC West Preview

Image: Wikimedia Commons, All-Pro Reels

2023 AFC West Preview

The dog days of summer can’t last forever and thank goodness for that because football is around the corner, and we are gearing up for the 2023 NFL season with our divisional previews. We will be going division by division, breaking down the biggest headlines, the new additions, and our predictions. Here’s our 2023 AFC West Preview.

Last Year

There was a lot of talk that the Chiefs run was over and that the Chargers and Raiders and Broncos were all going to step up and dethrone them. For a minute, it looked like it was possible. Then it all came crashing down and predictably, the Chiefs went on a second-half tear which launched them into the postseason with another division title and all the way to the Super Bowl where they mounted a comeback and defeated the Eagles. Behind them were the LA Chargers who are slowly but surely getting better with Justin Herbert, but they had a heartbreaking end to the season, and many believe that heads should have rolled when it was all said and done. Behind them were the Raiders who put up a second-half fight and parted ways with their franchise face in Derek Carr who is now playing in New Orleans. The total disaster came out of Denver as the Broncos and Russell Wilson impressed absolutely nobody in year one and it got their head coach fired.

Favorite to win in 2023

You just can’t bet against the Chiefs. They are very similar to the dynasty Patriots who seem to never be down or out and are consistently winning at a high level. Kansas City has Patrick Mahomes and as long as he is at the helm, nothing will ever really change. The Chargers could make more of a push this year with Kellen Moore coming in as the OC and Herbert will have a legit coordinator to guide him in his young career. The Raiders have Jimmy G but didn’t get a lot better in other areas and I question whether he is ready for this kind of role without Kyle Shanahan. Last, the Broncos brought in Sean Payton and I would say that anything less than a second place finish should be seen as an absolute failure for this team.

Offensive Player to Watch: Russell Wilson

There is no sugar coating it. Wilson was really bad a season ago. Payton says that no outside coaches are allowed in the facilities this year, so he is taking on the quarterback as a personal project, and I am excited to see if it works.

Defensive Player to Watch: Nick Bosa

A costly mental error ended the Chargers season thanks to Bosa who must come back with his head on his shoulders and continue being the force he was early in his career. Injuries hurt him last season, but he can and should bounce back.


You know my answer. The Chiefs will still win this division. Chiefs (12-5)