2017 Top College Tailgates #7 LSU

2017 Top College Tailgates #7 LSU

There’s nothing quite like a night game in Death Valley. The party has been rolling all day. The fans are feisty and fevered. And it is LOUD. Knowing something is loud and experiencing that loudness are two different things. Whether you come to cheer on the Tigers or their opponent, football in Baton Rouge is something you’ll likely never forget.

LSU fans have swagger, they’ve got game, and they’ve got dance moves. The Tigers’ student section has designated moves for songs the band regularly plays. Pay attention and it’s easy to catch on. Some moves are more popular than others, but a fan favorite is the full stadium bow that occurs when the Tigers get a defensive stop, and the band plays Chinese Bandits. Good defense is worshipped in Death Valley, and everyone must kowtow to the defensive prowess of the Tigers.

Tailgating at LSU has an understandable Cajun flair. Expect to sample a multitude of varieties of gumbo, jambalaya, and of course, crawfish. Sometimes the pots are so big, they’re stirred with oars.

While LSU fans will undoubtedly enjoy teasing opponent fans (often using the favored slur, Tiger bait), they also enjoy serving up a bowl of goodness to share with new friends. Good-natured ribbing and genuine friendliness go hand-in-hand at LSU tailgate parties. So, bring your thick skin, ear plugs, and a good appetite, and enjoy the joie de vivre that is LSU football.