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Top 5 Grill Grate Cleaners

Seasonings? – check.

Sauces? – check.

Questionable sludge on grill grate? – back it up, Chuck.

You wouldn’t purposely add unidentified crunchy leftovers to your new meal so why would you use a grill that has a gunky grate? Those old burnt-on food pieces from the last week’s barbeque make for less-than-desirable additives. Maintaining a clean grate and overall sanitary grill station are key to being a Grill Master because it prevents transmitting bacteria to your burgers and hot dogs. After all, what’s inside your grill is just as important as what goes on top.

Here are our best contenders:


Superpower Sponge

Don’t let its looks deceive you, this is no flimsy toy. What seems like a sponge at first glance, the Grill Rescue Brush cleaning head is actually made of heat-resistant Amarid Fiber. That’s the same material used in bulletproof vests. So yes, it can hold its own among the big boys.

Dunk the brush into water and let science do the rest. As it meets the heat of your grate, residue will slide off in seconds. And before you even think it, no, the handle will not melt. It is also manufactured with a temperature-resistant, cooking-grade plastic. Surprisingly durable, this brush can work on any grill type, whether you’re a gas-only griller or die-hard charcoal fan.

Two-in-One S(WIPE)R

It’s as simple as wrap-lock-and swipe (or scrape)!  Proud Grill’s Q-Swiper kit includes the dual-action grill brush and pre-moistened cleaning wipes. Each wipe has raised nodules that buff out grease, and its stainless steel scraper removes stubborn remnants with ease. The scraper also has two grooves on each side to help you dig into the nooks of each grill bar with precision.

Gone are the days of reusing the same worn out brush, which can re-introduce food particles; instead pull out a new disposable wipe before each grill session. The wipes fit securely in place around the brush pad so you can swipe your grate and start cooking.

Sterilize with Steam

For those eco-warriors who prefer not to express harsh chemicals into the atmosphere, the Grilltastic Steam Cleaning Grill Cleaner might be your best bet. That’s right, this one is no-mess sanitization! While it may be a bit heavy in hand, this sturdy tool utilizes a 1500 watt steam generator that is activated with the touch of a button.

The jet of hot steam softens hardened buildup while you simultaneously scrub away debris with the stainless steel brush. Just make sure your grill is near an outlet (preferably on a patio or deck), as the 16.5 ft. cord needs to be plugged in to operate.

No Bristles, No Problem

Simple, yet highly efficient, the GrillArt Grill Brush- Bristle Free has your best interest in mind. Why? It’s all in the anatomy. Many other brushes have bristle attachments wherein the wire metal pieces can break off and get caught in food as you cook it.

Instead, the triple helix design allows for a safer way to clean. And the long 18’’ handle extends your reach for easy access in those deep corners. Its tight coils are perfectly angled to get into the valleys and lift out pesky food particles. Preheat the grill, run some warm water over the head and get rolling!

Total Autonomy

We’re not saying this is the lazy-man’s option (because it’s definitely not). In fact, this completely hands-free option appeals to tech-loving fans. Grillbot’s Automatic Grill Cleaning Robot is a gadget with a mind of its own – literally. You can pop this baby under the hood and basically forget about it. (Okay, don’t completely forget. Make sure you remember what you set the timer at.)

Once its motors kick into gear, the computer chip-enabled robot is hard at work moving around in a random pattern to deep clean every inch of your grill. Ideal for larger grills, the handy helper will cover cleanup duty while you hang out your friends and family.


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