Grilling Guide

7 Ways to Get Deep Smoky Flavor from a Gas Grill

Getting that smoky flavor in your grilled meats is everything, right? Unfortunately, you may not always have the means to achieve this: that is, a smoker. That does not mean that you can’t have your smoky chicken breast or pork tenderloin, as there is always a way around things.

Therefore, if you are working with a gas grill, there is no need to despair. There are tricks that you can use to give your grilled food a rich, smoky flavor outside of just using a wood chip smoker box. Here are seven ways to give your grilled delights a smoky flavor from a gas grill.

1. Cook with Smoky Beer

Yes, you heard right. Just like wine, you can also use beer to cook. When used as a marinade, dark, smoky beer will bring in that flavor and give your dish the perfect undertone.  There are several common beers that you can use for the job. For instance, the smoked porter and Guinness.

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2. Use Bacon Strips

Yes, bacon strips can also do the trick. And it’s really simple.  A strip or two on each piece of meat is all you need. You can also use other cured meats like smoked chorizo in the place of bacon.

3. Use Lapsang Souchong

Lapsang Souchong’s origin is China and is made by drying the leaves over pinewood fires, resulting in campfire smokiness. The moment you open a packet of this, you will be immediately reminded of a summertime barbeque.

This makes it a perfect option if you want to make your grilled meat smoky, especially if you are cooking using a gas grill. Cooking enthusiasts make the tea to make marinades and rubs for meat. In other instances, they grind it into burgers or add it to soups.

This will effortlessly add a smoky flavor to your grilled meat without adding artificial flavors to open flames. All you need to do is buy the tea leaves and grind them into a powder. You are only required to use a few teaspoons of this, depending on the quantity of your dish.

4. Liquid Smoke

Did you know you can give your meat that deep, smoky flavor without using a charcoal grill by just buying liquid smoke? Now you know.

You should not be worried about having chemicals added to your dish. Liquid smoke is a healthy alternative to real charcoal smoke, and it is best used for slow-cooked meals.

You can use liquid smoke on just about anything.  It blends fantastic flavors combined with sauce, and while we might be tempted to reserve it just for meats, it is worth noting that there are tons of other ways to use liquid smoke.

5. Smoked Spices

Luckily for you, there are many spices that can effortlessly do the trick. A good example is cumin, which has a smoky flavor. Other spices like smoked paprika must be smoked before they are ground.  How about the portions? Again, it all depends on how much you are cooking. You can always taste it until you are satisfied with the flavor.

6. Give Smoked Salt a Shot

Never heard of smoked salt? Well, it might be a new phenomenon now, but it is something you will find at your grocery store.  However, remember that you should not use smoked salt from the word go. It works best if used for final touches. Once your gas-grilled lamb is ready, sprinkle some of this on it.

7. Molasses

Molasses is a byproduct of the sugar-making process and are often used to add texture and sweetness to dishes. Blackstrap molasses, however, can be used to make your dish smoky.

The dark color will give your meat a great undertone. More so, its earthy taste is heavenly. Therefore, if you want to make your gas-grilled steak smoky, molasses makes the perfect ingredient. A few tablespoons, depending on the amount of food cooked, will do.

While stand-alone smokers are best for providing true smoky flavor, if you only have a gas grill, you can use the ideas outlined above to give your food the heavenly smoky flavor you desire.