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Cook Smarter with Bluetooth Thermometers

From the continually evolving world of cooking gadgets comes Bluetooth thermometers. These are nifty little tech tools that pair with your smartphone to make monitoring temperatures even more convenient and accessible.

Now I’m sure you’re thinking, ‘Why do I need yet another gizmo that can do everything my regular ole’ meat checker can do?’ Glad you asked.

The biggest benefit of Bluetooth thermometers is that they free up more time for you to enjoy what’s most important: the experience. Never miss a play from the “game of the week” because you were checking to see if the burgers were done. Take all the guesswork out of your cooking with the help of Bluetooth thermometers.

Simply download the accompanying app and you can see all the pertinent details from cooking time to desired temperature, and access helpful features like timers and alerts.

A tool that simply reads temperatures might as well be considered archaic by today’s technology standards. Meat thermometers these days are designed to be smart so you can be even smarter about how you spend your time.

GrillEye GE0001 Smart Bluetooth Grilling & Smoking Thermometer

The GrillEye has a long-range connection up to 300ft distance. Meaning, you can step pretty far away and still have access to what’s going on under the grill hood – granted there are no big trees, walls or other obstructions which could interfere with the connectivity. The straightforward dual temperature display shows you the actual and target temperatures in big, clear numbers. (It can’t get any more uncomplicated than that!) Once your food reaches the optimum temperature, you’ll get a ping notification on your phone letting you know it’s done. A minor but noteworthy feature: the anti-glare screen reflects sunlight so you can easily read the display, even in broad daylight.

Soraken Remote Bluetooth Thermometer

Best for monitoring multiple pieces of meat, this device has four individual high heat-resistant probes with sensors that can withstand up to 716°F. Not sure where your temp range should be for that rack of lamb? No problem. The Soraken comes with preset temperatures for 11 different types of meat, including veal, fish, beef, pork and turkey. It also has various taste modes ranging from well done to rare, because we all know some folks like their meat to still have its “moo.” Many happy Soraken users say they enjoy using it indoors too, one noting that he loves that the probes can go in the oven, thanks to the thin and flexible wiring.

MEATER Plus – Wireless Meat Thermometer

Literally cut the cord with the MEATER Plus. This single-probe thermometer is 100% wire-free so you don’t have to worry about getting entangled. (Just think of the freedom you could have if you used this on a rotisserie!) Even if you live in an area without Wi-Fi, your wireless range can still extend up to 165ft over Bluetooth. The advanced intelligence in this thermometer estimates how long your food needs to cook, while also taking into account carryover time. Its sensors monitor both internal meat temperature and ambient, and the probe has a safety notch to let you know exactly how far you should be inserting it. Recharge the battery in a cool-looking bamboo dock, which has a magnetic backing that can attach to any metallic surface.

Inkbird IBT-4XC Waterproof Thermometer

Loyal fans of Inkbird products were stoked when this model released. Its two waterproof probes are ideal if you live in a region that gets a lot of rain. Ranked an impressive IPx5 – which measures how well a device is protected from liquids – thunderstorms and heavy pelts will be no match for the IBT-4XC. Even so, it is not recommended to submerge in a crockpot to measure the temperate of that beef stew. One customer praised this tool “great for low ‘n slow cooks” such as pulled pork or brisket. You can do an overnight cook and still have the peace of mind because the Inkbird will send an alert to your phone when the meat is ready.

ThermoPro TP25Wireless Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

Take your grilling and smoking skills to the next level with the ThermoPro TP25. Using the most advanced 5.0 Bluetooth technology, the smart device will trigger a vibration notification to your phone if you roam outside of its 500ft range. All four color-coded probes sync to the display screen, which is split into quadrants, so you can view all of the food temperatures simultaneously. The ThermoPro app gets a round of applause on its own; one tap generates a temperature graph that charts your cooking process in real time and can even be exported to help optimize cooking times in the future. (Calling all kitchen nerds: this one’s for you!)

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